Dismantling the 10 hidden rules of state-owned enterprises, pressing them to do nothing but say nothing, no matter how capable they are, they cant mix well

 Dismantling the 10 hidden rules of state-owned enterprises, pressing them to do nothing but say nothing, no matter how capable they are, they cant mix well

u30102u3011 We should be good at summarizing and reporting.

If you just say something but dont do it, if you do it, you will say a good one. If you work hard, the leaders cant see it. If you do it in vain. There is no way, high-level leaders look down, are Wu Yangs head, vast sea of people, why can he just look at you? Leaders at the top are all people who attach importance to publicity and personally grasp propaganda. Therefore, to improve the two skills of oral report ability and summary writing ability, we cant do the thing of one job, three points, but its a genius to be able to do three points and say three points, which can help you become more powerful and stand out.

u30103u3011 We should be good at correcting our attitude.

The leaders of state-owned enterprises attach more importance to their work attitude than to their actual work. Sometimes, when their work attitude is put right, more than half of them are well liked. If you cant do well, its a matter of ability. If you dont have a good attitude, its a matter of quality. I cant stand it when I join a state-owned enterprise. I cant stand it. Its normal. I dont like to put forward opinions. Its the kings way to do ones own work well. Although leaders like to say welcome to put forward valuable opinions, few leaders really like to listen to subordinates opinions. The leader invited you to come, not to ask you to give him advice, but to let you do the work well. Therefore, obedience and execution is the first lesson of life. No matter how good we can be, we should have a positive attitude and take the initiative in action.

u30104u3011 To accurately understand yourself and the platform.

The reason why many employees of state-owned enterprises are anxious, dissatisfied and lack of talent is that they overestimate themselves, mistakenly regard the platform as their ability, think that they can do great things by signing and stamping in state-owned enterprises, and that they can promote their work by writing materials. In fact, when they come to the market, all these abilities are invalid. Some people who have some positions in state-owned enterprises are depressed when they go to private enterprises. Because they have lost the support of the platform, their so-called ability is unimportant and they are looked down upon by the boss. To enter a state-owned enterprise, if you have a wild mind, you should take two steps in advance: one is to do more work and pay close attention to the ability that can grow on yourself; the other is to go up and go to the big platform when you have the opportunity. If you can go to the headquarters but not to the branch, you can go to the branch office but not to the workshop. The larger the platform is, the wider the vision will be. The platform is too small, the height you can reach is bound to be limited.

u30105u3011 We should be good at straightening out the priority relationship.

In private and private enterprises, heroes are judged by actual performance, while in state-owned enterprises, the rules of the game are not fully implemented. For example, some people go to high-level positions because they can write materials, and some get promoted because they take good pictures. Faces in state-owned enterprises are not valuable because others will turn over their faces at any time. We should learn to speak with technical strength and economic strength. Dont take your face too seriously. Before you have no strength, no one will look at your face. If you want to adjust, you will be adjusted. In the name of training and training you, you cant go. Therefore, exercise one of your core competencies. For example, if you write materials very well, no one can replace you, and leaders cant do without you. The benefits are inevitable. For example, the core technical ability is put in your mind, and it is your own wherever you take it. For example, logical thinking ability, you can change your work field quickly.

u30107u3011 Dont expose your ambition.

He who has no ambition can not do great things. The most stupid person is ambitious, not able to publicize their own ambition, can only be laughed at. Second, stupid people are those who are ambitious and capable, but who are guarded by others and are depressed and frustrated. Ambition is like a pregnancy in October, hidden in the stomach. Dont make it known to all, that is Sima Zhaos heart. Hide your ambition, let others not be on guard against you everywhere, reduce the obstacles and resistance to success. Sometimes the workplace is like a school. The top students always say that they play games at night. In fact, they spend all night writing questions. Walking in the workplace is the same, quietly work hard, waiting for the day of delivery in October.

u30108u3011 Do your job well before you help others.

The cultural atmosphere of state-owned enterprises is more complex than that of private enterprises. They are willing to help others, which is also a bonus. However, you should master a good degree. If you plant other peoples land and waste your own land, you will suffer from it. Xiao Li has strong computer skills and often helps his colleagues repair computers, which affects his duty. Others can only buy snacks to thank him, but the leader did not promote him for several years, and Xiao Li suffered a great loss. Dont ask others for help easily, because you need to return the favor, and dont help others easily. It will appear that you are cheap. First of all, be responsible for your direct supervisor and do your own job well. Then consider whether to help others. If you dont do your own things well, you will help others. The first dissatisfaction is the direct supervisor, who decides your performance evaluation.

u30109u3011 Be semi integrated into the team.

In the state-owned enterprises, we can neither go alone nor mix together. He is a loner, is considered not to be gregarious and has no sense of teamwork. In order to pretend to be in, and mix together every day, and waste your time alone. Therefore, to enter the work of state-owned enterprises, we should not only learn to actively integrate into the team, have a lively eye, sweet mouth and diligent legs, but dont just be such a person. After a long time, it will become flashy but not substantial. Integrate, but not fall into. Should participate in the collective activities, usually to keep alone and study time, to maintain a semi integrated state is the best, neither isolated nor wasted time, do their own thing is king.

u301010u3011 Keep a cautious attitude towards making friends.

In state-owned enterprises, staff mobility is slow and they spend a long time together. Therefore, we should not be too indifferent to colleagues. They say that you dont understand the world and cant be too enthusiastic. Because peoples hearts are too complex, you cant really grasp them. The slow flow of personnel will also lead to more wangba in shallow water. If you dig out your heart and lungs, you may be shot at you in the back when competing for employment. It is particularly important to keep a proper safety distance within the state-owned enterprises. If people dont walk around, they will be regarded as arrogant. If they rely too much on human feelings, they will be despised and unreliable. Therefore, do not confuse colleague relationship with personal relationship. It is very lucky to make friends in state-owned enterprises, and it is normal for them not to make friends. First of all, make your own job beautiful. If you dont have a position in the workplace, you are worthless in the eyes of others.