The beautiful scenery of the green bank: another Internet red card punch in Sanlitun

 The beautiful scenery of the green bank: another Internet red card punch in Sanlitun

Liangma river is on the north side of Sanlitun Street, which is the north boundary of the street. The South Bank of Liangma river is 1.7 km within the street area. The length of the water system is about 4 laps on the standard 400m track.

The river chief system is implemented on the South Bank of the river channel within the jurisdiction area. The river channel is divided into the river reach of Xingfu Ercun community, beisanli community and dongsanli community according to the river basin and its territory.

The Sanlitun section of Liangma river is characterized by wide channel, large water flow, abundant animal and plant resources, and unique riverside landscape.

The Sanlitun section of Liangma river has become a good place for residents to relax, walk and rest. However, during the walk, there are a few highlights you can not be unaware of.


The water corridor is specially designed in the west area of Sanlitun section of Liangma river. The setting of the corridor allows the leisure residents to walk on the water. Different from the traditional river and lake ecology where people walk on the shore, the water corridor enables people to get closer to nature.

Wheat head fish, crucian carp, white striped fish In the Liangma River, residents can see groups of fish swimming. As the backyard garden of Sanlitun people, it is very rare to see the Brocade scale swimming in the river.

It is understood that only in the river water with high oxygen content, rich nutrition and good mobility, can groups of fish swim freely.

Many kinds of fish, including the white striped fish, have higher requirements for water quality. Their existence also proves that the current Sanlitun water ecological maintenance level is high and the water quality is good.

Experience theory

Yang Su, beisanli community resident: my children have learned knowledge here. My daughter is 3 years old. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of times to go out for sightseeing is very limited this year. At her age of increasing knowledge, I took her to Liangma river. Here, she saw a lot of fish, and also learned about the life habits and swimming characteristics of fish. I think, such a good environment, can become a second classroom for children.

Highlight 2 is a small botanical garden with rich plants

The Sanlitun section of the Liangma river has its own unique features in addition to its clear water. Many residents found that there are a large number of water bamboo taro and water lily and other aquatic plants in the water.

Among them, tall water bamboo taro is in the flowering period, with small purple flowers, swaying in the wind, has a special taste. Introduction to professionals. Water bamboo taro, also known as Zaili flower, can be as high as 2 meters, and its slender flower stem can be as high as 3 meters. Purple flowers appear on the end of the stem. It looks like a bait tied on a fishing rod, and its shape is very special.

In addition, dozens of kinds of flowers and plants are planted in the water and on the bank, with scattered height, forming a green pattern with three seasons of flowers and four seasons of evergreen.

Qin Pei, employee of Sanlitun SOHO enterprise: Im very happy to see the scenery here. Especially a lot of aquatic plants, along the water ripple swaying, particularly good-looking, let us forget that this is a prosperous city. Whats more, I found that the plants here are more dense and dazzling. I think it can give people a natural sense of closeness.

Highlight 3 different day and night scenery

The water system scenery of Sanlitun section of Liangma River and surrounding buildings complement each other, becoming a new fashionable landscape in Sanlitun area. It is worth mentioning that as the back garden of Sanlitun people, this water system also focuses on night scenery. When the lights are lit at night, it will present a different landscape from that in the daytime.

It is understood that the embankment on both sides of the river bank, green belt and the lower edge of the steps are equipped with lighting system, so that the whole river bank presents a colorful color at night.

Experience theory

Sanlitun section of Liangma river has beautiful scenery. It is an open leisure place. If we want to keep the beautiful scenery lasting, we Tunli people should pay attention to the following points while clocking in. When you clock in, you should also practice civilized behavior.

Do not fish near the water. Fishing near the water will seriously affect the water ecology. It will not only cause the downsizing of large individual fish, but also cause a large number of algae breeding in the river water, which will lead to the decline of water quality.

Do not litter. If there is rubbish and debris in the clear river, its really killing the scenery.

Dont swim in the river. There are dense aquatic plants in the river, so it is easy to drown when swimming in the wild.