51 year old Xu Qing on holiday wearing pink t-shirt

 51 year old Xu Qing on holiday wearing pink t-shirt

Generally speaking, the saturation of pink is relatively low, so dont worry about your skin darkening. For example, Xu Qing is very old, but her skin is well maintained. Moreover, her pale skin shows her skin advantages by wearing this kind of light pink T-shirt dress. The whole shape looks very young.

Fat women must not think that their body is not good to give up wearing. Like Xu Qing, her figure is really good, which is worthy of our reference, and also gave us a good demonstration in the selection of dress, T-shirt dress version loose, abdominal fat more obvious little fairy can also try.

I still suggest that you should pay attention to the length of the dress when you choose a dress, and try to avoid dragging the floor of the dress. It is easy to feel that it is cumbersome and requires a higher figure. Xu Qing this pink mopping dress does have some short, if not her temperament outstanding, ordinary people really difficult to control.

When it comes to pink items, we can use them all year round. We can even use the following pink items for concave modeling.

The dress is elegant and romantic. Pink is sweet and fresh. If you combine pink with skirt, you can better show the feminine flavor. When you match it, you can use the same color rule. The little sister chose pink high-heeled shoes when matching, which just matches with the pink skirt.

Pink coat

A variety of coats are really emerging, especially in spring and autumn. For example, various pink coats are also suitable for collocation in these dull seasons, making your whole shape more refreshing.

Pink suit

All kinds of pink suits or pink sports suits are very suitable for autumn, and they are more harmonious and unified. Then use some color accessories to embellish the whole shape, you can break the boring.

Although todays fashion circle is very popular and various popular color layers are emerging, pink is still full of girlish color. If you want to have the same frozen age effect as Xu Qing, you can often try Pink items.