For the last public performance, all the elder sisters who braved the wind and waves wore boots!

 For the last public performance, all the elder sisters who braved the wind and waves wore boots!

Standing beside the piano and full of charming story

Tranquility, Yu Kewei, ah duo, Wang Feifei, Meng Jia, Zheng Xiyi, LAN yingying

Huang Ling, Zhang Hanyun, Zhang Yuqi, Jinchen, Li sidani

A smart walk

Wang Feifei, Meng Jia, Jing Jing, LAN Yingying, Zheng Xiyi

Sister o looked over the recent wear of the female stars, and they picked up the boots at the same time.

Not long after autumn, Song Xi became a boot rich man, with long boots, short boots, Knight boots, Martin boots Sister Os dress template for a week!

Wu Xuanyi, who sneaks out to enjoy the free time on the Chinese Valentines day, has a white T, short skirt and big boots. She is young and sexy, so its hard not to be beautiful!


Different from the casual sports shoes, boots are more suitable for a variety of occasions. Wear them in the daytime and Party As battle, and cant lose their momentum; if you wear them at night, you cant lose them with your friends.

Different from the monotony of leather shoes, there are many kinds of materials for boots. You can also mix and match silk, suede, tassel, bandage More versatile and more personalized.

Although you can wear boots all the year round, but when the autumn wind is bleak, wearing boots and stepping on the fallen leaves, you can feel the picture is full, beautiful and SA, and its true.


Hot so many female stars have given a demonstration, today and O sister together to Kangkang boots can match it!


Ankle boots with suit

On the quiet stage, she wears ankle boots, which is neat and domineering; in her life, jingjingzi often goes out of the street with ankle boots, and the waist style suit is fashionable and full of femininity.

In fact, ankle boots are the easiest to create urban ol style. With suit vest and pipe trousers like delireba, it is easy to create an atmosphere and decisive delicacy from top to bottom.

In fact, ankle boots with suit, because of its neat, handsome and fashionable leg long, in fact, more will appear on boys, and suits are also made for each other.

But in fact, ankle boots and women are more likely to have a fashionable spark. First of all, the ankle boot height is located near the ankle to minimize the visual pressure of the shoe on the leg.

On the choice of color, O elder sister suggested that Jimei people choose dark color. Because dark shoes with a variety of colors of clothes are town live, in autumn give a warm and gentle feeling, also not easy to dirty.

Short boots dominate the street

Cool girl

Short boots are the most everyday boots. They are near the calves and fashionable in the vicinity of Mount Everest. Big cousin Liu Wen with short boots with white T, jeans, straightforward girl feeling is ready to come out.

Liu Wen

Lu Ke ran takes a pure and handsome line, short boots with a neat denim style, to be the most beautiful boy in the crowd.

The height of the short boots connects the lines of the legs very well, concealing the flesh of the lower legs with the straightness and straightness of the leather, which makes the legs longer and straighter.

Ju Jingyi

Yang Mi

The combination of short boots is the first important point. Its needless to say that the style of work clothes is not the same as that of sports.

The9 Xu Jiaqi

Short boots with their own stiff, handsome feeling, to avoid the cumbersome sports style, bring more sense of fashion, with their own personality.

The9 metaphor

If you dont want to go with it, choose the short boots with the same color as the pants, which will show leg length more visually.

Wu Xin


Sexy fashion

Song Qian

Compared with other types of boots, the daily use rate of boots is not so high, but it is the most beautiful one to match.

Often see female stars put loose jeans into riding boots, give a person very handsome casual feeling. This kind of dressing obviously puts temperament and personality in the first place, showing height and showing thin is not so important. After all, people should not bind all their behaviors for a single aesthetic.

Song Yanfei

And when the boots show their legs, girls dont have to worry about my legs are too thick / too thin. The visual charm is a kind of metaphysics, and boots are the answer to this metaphysics at the moment.

Especially when the whole body is in the same color system, if you dont like the tight feeling brought by leggings, a little skin exposure will make the clothes more hierarchical.

Jin Zihan

Wang Zixuan

The same is dark, choose the color close to the skin will be more gentle. If the style is strong everywhere, I dont know what to do. The soft sense of cohesion can avoid emphasizing the feeling of disconnection and make it easier for people to see the key points in your dress.

Todays key point is to look good.

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