If China 5g is used, the United States will consider killing Italy

 If China 5g is used, the United States will consider killing Italy

In early July, it was revealed that the Italian government was considering giving up Huawei 5g. Although it has not been confirmed, it is difficult not to connect it with the USs previous crackdown on Huawei. Then, Telecom Italia announced that Huawei was excluded from the 5g core equipment bidding, but it was described as a commercial decision and had nothing to do with political factors.

In the dialogue program of China Global Television Network (cgtn) on the 28th, Francesco sisci, a famous Italian scholar, said that the United States was threatening Italy behind its back and would consider withdrawing from NATO if it used Chinas 5g technology. He said bluntly that Italys national defense and internal security are related to the United States, unable to bear the cost of decoupling from the United States.

Video capture: cgtn microblog

Italian scholars: Italy cant bear the cost of decoupling from the United States

Xi Shi is an Italian Sinologist. He is a senior adviser to the Minister of European affairs of Italy and a senior researcher of Renmin University of China. He has served as cultural counsellor of the Italian Embassy in China and Secretary General of the EU China Urban Development Commission, and has published articles and comments on Chinese and Italian media for many times.

In the program on the 28th, Chi revealed that the United States has threatened many European allies, especially Italy. If Chinas 5g technology is used, it may be excluded from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the US led military alliance.

The problem now is that the United States has made it very clear to Italy and other European countries, especially Italy that if Chinas 5g technology is used, then the United States will consider allowing Italy to withdraw from NATO.

Chi Shi hinted that withdrawing from NATO means decoupling between Italy and the United States, which is an unbearable price, so Italy will be forced to make a compromise.

Trump: Italy is also in debt for military expenditure, and will pay for it

There are no public reports of trump threatening Italy with NATO membership. Italy is one of the 12 founding members of NATO. It has seven large-scale American bases and 12000 American soldiers stationed in it. According to Article 13 of the NATO constitution, generally speaking, withdrawal from NATO requires the member states to take the initiative to notify the United States, and the United States will notify other member states. After one year, the membership status will become invalid.

It is worth mentioning that since the establishment of NATO in 1949, no member states have applied for withdrawal. In fact, in the past two years, it was US President trump who threatened to withdraw from NATO on the grounds that European allies hitchhiked and refused to share defense spending.

In 2014, NATO decided to increase the defense budget of its member states to more than 2% of GDP within 10 years. According to a NATO report at the end of last year, Italys defense expenditure accounted for about 1.22%, lower than that of Germany (1.38%).

On July 29, trump announced the withdrawal of 12000 U.S. soldiers from Germany, of which 5600 were deployed to Italy and Belgium. Trump said the two countries are the next debtors and they will pay (raise military spending), I told them.

Trump calls Italy and Belgium the next NATO allies to default after Germany

Italian media said that the government is considering changing Huaweis 5g position, which has not been confirmed

In an interview with Italian media in October last year, US Secretary of state pompeio threatened that if the Italian government chose to cooperate with Chinese enterprises in the 5g field, the United States might terminate intelligence sharing between the two countries. Italys foreign minister dimayo is confident that the Italian government can effectively protect national information security, and Rome has no intention of concluding trade agreements that may damage national sovereignty.

At the beginning of July this year, the Italian Republic suddenly quoted political sources as saying that the Italian government was considering changing strings and easy to withdraw and canceling the decision to allow Huawei to participate in the 5g construction project. According to the source, Italian defense minister Giulini, who believes in Atlanticism and supports the strengthening of cooperation between the United States and Europe, once raised the issue informally in a meeting with the US ambassador. But the Italian government did not confirm the information.

Telecom Italia, one of Italys major telecom operators, has ruled out Huawei in bidding for 5g core equipment in Italy and Brazil, Reuters reported on July 9. Vicis, President of Huawei Italy, said on July 20 that Telecom Italias decision was different from that of the UK, which was commercial rather than political. we regret this, but we will continue to cooperate with Telecom Italia and other enterprises such as Vodafone.