Weimi supermodel left c Luo for a new life, 6 months pregnant, a hit the whole network

 Weimi supermodel left c Luo for a new life, 6 months pregnant, a hit the whole network

C. Rowe and Irina Shayk.

A kind of

Its all about it:

There will be no more people like them.

Even if we have to go back to this paragraph of difficult to level the meaning,

A kind of

C Rowe and Irina Shayk met for the first time,

It was when Armani was advertised in 2010.

Irina Shayk, who was 23 at the time, had beautiful legs and breasts, and her eyes were like silk,

Won the beauty contest,

Its natural and sexy.

Mr. football on the right hand,

But what Irina remembers most is not his fame and figure,

So, not surprisingly,

In a few months,

The relationship lasted five years,

Because Irina is not very famous,

Take models as springboard,

Climb up to a star and become a celebrity wife,

This is the prejudice against models.

After being with C Rowe,

On the contrary, she is more enterprising than before

Because I dont want people to say that Im c Luos girlfriend. ,

I have a name and a career. Why should I be said to rely on men to eat?

So in love,

But speaking of it,

If you remove the stars aura,

These two people are no different from an ordinary long-distance love couple.

She went to Madrid to find him when she was free,

Watch all kinds of sports games with him,

By the way, be gentle for a while.

They went to Universal Studios,

Taking a vacation by the sea,

Keep it sweet.

She saw him become famous,

He also called wife directly on the podium.

Looking at each others eyes, there is always honey,

Its like a child,

Can you say its not sweet?


The comments in the front row of the comment area are all about the same meaning:

Even some people cant let go until now

The way Chloe was with Irina Shayk,

Much happier than now.

A kind of

But a couple eventually split up in 2015.

Some people wonder if its beauty who is in trouble. C Luo cuts down the world for his achievements,

I dont think shes fit to be a grandsons mother;

Theres also the case of C Luos promiscuity,

After all, he had a baby just a few months after he fell in love

There are different opinions, but they cant be true.

Just after the break-up,

Neither of them looked back.

He has a new love,

I wish Irina happiness in the future.

She also fell in love with Bradley Cooper, the actor and director,

And a baby girl.

In 2019,

Bradley Cooper Works with Lady Gaga

Both sides have neither acknowledged nor denied it,

But because they are not shy,

The news of the real CP affair spread all over the street.

The media squatted and squatted,

Left shoulder backpack and right hand suitcase to move away from Coopers mansion.

Dare to love and hate,

If not, withdraw,

Irina Shayk,

Irina Shayk will be told a lot of problems,

Now, both in love and breaking up with Cooper, Ive got a lot of applause,

Public opinion can change like this,

The 2016 Vimy show,

Little in doesnt say,

Can you see that shes been on the court for six months?

A kind of

During pregnancy, work and activities remained as usual,

Immediately return to work two months after birth,

Walking up the Cannes red carpet in a bright yellow tight skirt,

Im not pregnant.

In fact, I started dating c Luo,

Yi Jies street photo,

More than half of them are gym shirts.

It is in this 365 days of unremitting management in exchange.

She made an ad.

After all, it was during the outbreak,

Equipment, space and so on have to make do with it,

Yi Jie is lying on her balcony,

Together with fan Er,

Its hard to see how hard you are.

You can walk the runway,

Temperament enough SA.

Big name designers love her so much.

And as we get older,

If Xiao in had this bearing at 34,

If you really dream, you will wake up laughing

In a word,

Or the importance of ability.

Even if we cant get away from the clamor of public opinion,

No one can look down on you.

What kind of prejudices do you want to give her,