Who said grandmothers cant be foreign and beautiful?

 Who said grandmothers cant be foreign and beautiful?

The first is the color of the half skirt. The basic colors such as black, white and blue are outstanding in improving the texture of the dress. In addition, some bright and noble color systems can not be missed, such as dark green, lemon yellow, and then the waist design. The combination of high waist design or flower bud waist can further enhance the elegance and fashion characteristics of women.

Black shirt with dark green printed flower bud skirt, blue one line sandals, beautiful and romantic, very feminine charm, semi skirt printing pattern advanced and modern, combined with elegant flower bud style, easy and fashionable.

The last is the style design. The simple cut solid color semi skirt is suitable for showing the quiet and gentle side of women in their 30s and 40s. For the grandmothers, the semi skirt with rich design sense makes you more eye-catching, such as slit design, irregularity, stitching, ruffle or printing elements.

Blue and white color matching shirt with dark blue irregular half skirt, playful ruffle, young and foreign style; camouflage coat with black umbrella skirt, belt outline the body curve, immediately more a little more elegant.

Although for the grandmothers, the semi skirt can highlight the fashion and foreign style by adding some fashion elements, but the elements should not be too much, otherwise it will backfire and make the shape become cumbersome.

Black round neck fluffy top with the same color umbrella skirt, irregular ruffles break the monotony of the solid color system, and it will not be too cumbersome to make the shape more playful and foreign.

2u3001 Wear a modern suit with the help of belt

The pure color suit combines the texture color and the clean version, and with the help of the belt, it can easily give full play to the advantages of modern and elegant suit.

The first is the color of the suit. This grandmother chooses the earth color and black and white basic suits. These colors are the most advanced and simple, and they are also suitable for the age. They will not wear a sense of disobedience. In addition, in order to look elegant and straight, the blogger often uses high waisted items or belts to raise the waistline.

The apricot and coffee leather blazer with denim shirt, blue cotton and hemp printed skirt is playful and retro, with gold high-heeled sandals. Its really fashionable.

The brown brown brown suit is open to wear, with white bottomed shirt and folded trousers inside. The base coat overlaps with the waist closing design to outline the waist curve, and the shape immediately becomes advanced; the white suit overlaps the basic T-shirt and the design sense nine point pants, and the belt points out the waistline, and the upper and lower levels are clear.

3u3001 Break the age limit and boldly use various fashion elements

Finally, if the grandmothers want to dress foreign and beautiful, they need to break the age limit and boldly use various fashion elements or fashion items.

There are a lot of fashion elements. You cant make a mistake if you choose some classic and fashionable fashion elements, such as bubble sleeves, V-neck, lace up, slit design, polka dot pattern, printing pattern, etc. White dress with bubble sleeves and A-line hem, lightweight age reduction.

As the most intuitive existence, color system plays an important role in fashion. In addition to the basic color system such as black and white gray, some bright and light colors or noble texture are also indispensable. Black suit with white sling, golden pleated MIDI skirt, elegant and fashionable, printed belt and sunglasses enhance the aura.

Fashion regardless of age, even grandmothers can be foreign-style and fashionable, live to the old, such as the fashion bloggers clothes, even if she is no longer young, still chic and beautiful, do you think?