Ali and State Grid invested 10 billion into CGC: can the development of radio and television 5g be surpassed?

 Ali and State Grid invested 10 billion into CGC: can the development of radio and television 5g be surpassed?

National one network process accelerates radio and television industry to rise again

In February this year, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and other departments printed and distributed the implementation plan for the integrated development of national cable TV network to promote the integrated development of national cable TV network. Led by China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. is jointly established with provincial cable TV network companies and strategic investors to realize the unified operation and management of national cable TV network and the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets.

Wu Chunyong said that at that time, with the establishment of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. by these listed companies and non listed companies, the national cable TV network industry would form a joint force of industrial development, and then comprehensively meet the advent of the era of rapid development of mobile Internet.

Before the implementation of one network in China, cable TV operators in various regions basically only do fixed network services (such as cable digital TV services, cable broadband services, etc.), but with the boost of policies and technologies such as 3G / 4G / broadband in China in the past, China has officially entered the era of mobile Internet, which has a certain impact on the traditional cable TV industry and business As a result, in the current 5g era, on the basis of the rapid realization of national one network, the operators of radio and Television Department can fully rely on the external force of relevant strategic investors, and stand on the starting line of 5g development like the three major telecom operators in the world and China at the same time, which is bound to promote the rebirth of the radio and television industry.

In the past period of time, such as China Radio and television won the 5g commercial license issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the introduction of the implementation plan for the integrated development of national cable TV network, the strategic cooperation between China Mobile and China Radio and television, the registration of radio and television shares, the strategic investment of Ali and State Grid, and the successful establishment of the industrys Broadcasting and television joint-stock company in the near future, etc The cable TV network industry will really realize the construction of 5g network with radio and television characteristics and enable the cable TV network, so as to quickly boost it to become the fourth largest operator in China. Wu Chunyong said.

Ali, State Grid and radio and television have complementary advantages

Ali and State Grid, as the two largest shareholders with the highest share, are concerned by the industry. In Wu Chunyongs view, the traditional cable TV industry has been restricted by the word cable in the past 30 or 40 years of industry development. They only do some business and products based on the fixed network level, and do not deeply integrate with the high-speed development of science and technology, technology or users Together, this is also a few major factors causing the high rate of user churn in the development of the cable TV industry in the past ten years. As a cable TV operator with a large user base in the world, this time, it can quickly keep up with the development of the times with the help of 5g.

Both Alibaba and State Grid have their own strategic deployment and planning in the future, which are complementary to the development advantages of 5g.

In 2014, Hangzhou Yunxi investment partnership (limited partnership), jointly controlled by Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu and Xie Shihuang, subscribed for about 286 million shares of Huashu medias non-public development in cash. Alibaba group also announced through its official microblog that Alibaba group and Huashu group had reached strategic cooperation, and both sides would jointly lay out the cultural media industry chain.

For SGCC, since around 2010, it has implemented smart grid functions in different residential areas across the country (for example, Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, etc.) by using the power optical fiber to the home project, and has carried out the three network integration business of telecom network, broadcast network and Internet content transmission.

Wu Chunyong pointed out that Alibaba and State Grid of China have laid out the industry a long time ago. Now they can use 5g industry to quickly and deeply combine with radio and television operators. Naturally, this will be larger than their previous cooperation. In the future, there may be more business forms to join, and the future is expected.

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