Who will bear the loss caused by the suspension of built-in financial function due to wechat account blocked?

 Who will bear the loss caused by the suspension of built-in financial function due to wechat account blocked?

In this regard, the police reply is that the user involved in online pornographic chat was banned, has launched a relevant investigation. Tencent also responded that the relevant account number processing and unsealing time and other information on the login page have clearly informed users, and the evidence has been submitted to the police. So far, the police have not given the results of the investigation.

Sun Hongxia, a lawyer from Beijing Jiadong law firm, told reporters from China first finance and economics that social software is a platform and media for online shopping, while the payment platform is a payment intermediary and a transaction guarantor. The two are totally different in nature. Therefore, the rights and obligations are different in different contractual relations.

In the process of using wechat, violating Tencent wechat software license and service agreement and wechat personal account usage specification may result in account being blocked. For example, if illegal wechat plug-in software is used and harmful information such as fraud, infringement and illegal content is released, wechat official will take measures to block wechat account.

How to unseal an account after being blocked? Tencent said that the system will automatically match the self-service unsealing method when users log in to the account to apply for unsealing, and operate the self-service verification release according to the prompt. It is generally divided into SMS verification, face recognition verification, friend assisted verification and non friend assisted verification.

Although wechat accounts have been blocked and various relevant rules and operation guidelines have been issued, first finance and economics has seen in microblog, Zhihu, wechat open community and other platforms that there are still the following problems with the wechat account number: some users said that they were blocked for unknown reasons, and could not get effective communication in the process of complaint. Although Tencent customer service announced the artificial phone number, the manual customer service could not get through. Some netizens said that wechat accounts were blocked, but they could not pass face recognition because they were not bound with ID cards, nor could they be unsealed through friend verification.

How to contact wechat manual customer service through robot customer service? Tencent did not respond to first finance.

Once the wechat account is closed, especially in Shenzhen, personal life will be affected in many ways. For example, during the epidemic period, we must use the small program sheni to declare health independently. When going to some departments and buildings, we need to scan the code and show the health code. If the owner of a car is bound with etc by wechat, once it is sealed, it depends on wechat, and when it is unsealed

Tencent told the first finance and economics reporter that if the users wechat account is restricted to log in, but the account has change or wealth management general property, they can self-help withdraw or transfer property according to the page prompts. After the property entrance is opened, you can carry out the operations of petty cash withdrawal, credit card repayment, wealth management link asset redemption, micro loan repayment, etc.; however, it should be noted that temporary login only supports property withdrawal and repayment operations, and other functions such as social networking and payment are still useless.

The relationship between wechat payment platform and users is not a single contractual relationship. There are not only the principal-agent contract relationship that provides fund transfer and settlement services for the buyer and the seller, but also the guarantee contract relationship that provides guarantee service for the transaction between the buyer and the seller, and the contractual relationship that the payment for goods is temporarily kept in the account of the payment platform. In different contractual relationships, rights and obligations are different accordingly.

Lawyer sun Hongxia pointed out that although the social software is suspended, not all of the contractual relationships are suspended due to the suspension of the software. Only the principal-agent contract and the guarantee service contract are suspended, and the custody contract is not suspended. On the one hand, the loss caused by the suspension of performance of the principal-agent contract and the guarantee service contract should be borne according to the degree of fault of the parties concerned, that is, whoever causes the suspension of performance shall bear the losses arising therefrom. On the other hand, according to the law of the custody contract, the depositor can ask the depositor to collect the deposit at any time. If the depositor restricts this, the restriction will be invalid and the depositor should be compensated for the actual loss caused to the depositor.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of first finance and Economics_ NBJ11279