Ren Zhengfei: some American politicians hope Huawei will be inspired by its desire to survive

 Ren Zhengfei: some American politicians hope Huawei will be inspired by its desire to survive

The following is a summary of Ren Zhengfeis speeches at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Southeast University and Nanjing University.

Why does our company do basic research? Because of the rapid development of information technology, the traditional mode of production, teaching and research can not keep up with the development speed of market demand. Therefore, we have also carried out some basic theoretical research, most of which are in the category of applied theory, and only a few of them have gone ahead of the world.

The research of university teachers is to strive for ideal and long-term goal. Their research is pure theory and factor research. For example, a mathematical paper by Professor Arikan of Turkey turned into a big fire of 5g ten years later; as for the paper published by the Soviet scientist Peter ufimtsev in the early 1960s, the United States created the invisible F22 20 years later; in the 1950s, Professor Wu Zhonghua of the Chinese Academy of Sciences put forward the three-dimensional flow theory of jet engine The isentropic section calculation method has laid the foundation for todays aero-engine industry; for example, with the progress of Molecular Science in modern chemistry, human synthetic materials may be completed by computer molecular editing, which is also an earth shaking technological change. The bright lights of colleges and universities shine on the industry. The pure research of university teachers is far sighted and deep-seated. Our research is practical, and the cooperation between us brings us direction and lights us up. Our basic research is focused on business purposes, which is close to the practical application in the near future. We bring you customer needs and world-class problems faced by the industry. We know the value and application of this equation. Its good for each other. Cooperation enables us to know the development trend of the world earlier and shorten the time for commercialization. If we can lead the world, we will get better opportunities.

Our cooperation with the university is selfless. We follow the spirit of the American BIDU act all over the world, and the achievements of basic research cooperation belong to the University.

The cooperation between enterprises and universities should be loose coupling, not strong coupling.

The purpose of colleges and universities is to strive for ideals and curiosity; enterprises are realistic, and there is a copper stink in business, and strong coupling will not succeed. Strong coupling restricts each other and affects their progress. Strong coupling, you drag me, I drag you, you cant go that step, I cant go another step. Therefore, it must be decoupled in a loose cooperative manner.

Our company also wanted to make some contributions after it broke into no mans land to repay the guidance of the society. It also wanted to light the 5g lighthouse. But just after the match was struck, the United States struck us with a big stick, which knocked us unconscious. At first, we thought that there was something wrong with our compliance system, and we were reflecting. As a result, the second, third, Fourth After fighting, we realized that some American politicians wanted us to die. The desire to survive inspired us to find a way to save ourselves.

In any case, we will never hate the United States. It is just the impulse of some politicians, which does not represent American enterprises, American schools and American society. We should still adhere to the road of self-improvement and opening up. If you want to be really strong, you have to learn from everyone, including your own enemies.

What is the next civilization of human society? Will there be an industry like automobile and information industry? When I say automobile, it refers to airplane, ship, train, tractor, bicycle, etc Information industry also means not only electronic industry, telecommunication Internet, artificial intelligence The agnostic future of the technological world is like a lighthouse in the dark. The responsibility of lighting the future lighthouse is undoubtedly to fall on Colleges and universities, and education should lead the society forward. To deal with the uncertainty of the future, we should not only give more freedom to scientific research and more tolerance to failure, but also start from the education of children. Chinas future and revitalization depend on children, and children only rely on education. By running more schools, carrying out differential education and inspiring their innovative spirit, they will have confidence year by year and approach the door of the future world year by year. 2u3001 Thirty years later, they were fighting for their rise, not with machine guns, but with the doctors pen. Today, I see you in this bubble society, so many people sitting on the bench, to study so many theoretical and technological achievements, so many talented people, I am very excited, I believe our country in two, thirty years or five or sixty years later, will do great deeds, for mankind to make greater contributions, hope on you.

We need to innovate and find opportunities one by one. If we set the index of the British Industrial Revolution at 100, it will be 150 in the United States today, 70 in China and 30% in China. Originality needs more stringent intellectual property protection. Without originality, you will fall into a middle-income trap. Houses, cars Will be saturated, how to develop after saturation? Without development, all social problems will arise.

In the past, relying on the global platform, our company focused on attacking the same city wall entrance for more than ten years, and achieved some success. In the past, we chose the United States as our theoretical base. More than a decade ago, we increased investment in Britain and Europe, and then Japan and Russia. After the United States included us in the entity list, we transferred the investment in the United States to Russia, increased Russias investment, expanded the team of Russian scientists, and raised the wages of Russian scientists. We hope that in ten or twenty years time, our universities will shoulder the burden of catching up with the world theoretical center. Our country has thousands of years of Confucian culture of farming and reading spirit. Now young mothers biggest expectation is to educate their children and want to study hard. These are the fine foundation of our nation, and we have hope. China can do more.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NBJ11279