After the digital RMB wallet of CCB is opened for a short time, those who have been recharged will receive a refund before the end of the month

 After the digital RMB wallet of CCB is opened for a short time, those who have been recharged will receive a refund before the end of the month

In this regard, the first financial reporter on the relevant situation to call the customer service staff of CCB. CCB customer service response said that digital currency related products are still in the research and development stage, only invited customer experience test in the afternoon. For the account that has opened the wallet, the system will automatically cancel processing, and the money transferred by the user will be returned to the original savings account before August 30.

It is understood that users need to agree to the China Construction Bank digital RMB wallet personal customer service agreement to open this function.

According to media reports on the same day, the content of the agreement shows that the services provided by the digital RMB wallet include: inquiry, payment, withdrawal, redemption, transfer, credit card repayment, etc. CCB digital RMB wallets are classified into three categories: Category I wallet, category II wallet, category III wallet and category IV wallet.

After the above users open the corresponding category II wallet, the page shows: the annual limit is 500000 yuan, the daily limit is 100000 yuan, and the single limit is 50000 yuan. The user told the first finance and economics reporter that if the payee has also opened a digital RMB wallet, when using the transfer function, he can input the name (or nickname), the other partys mobile phone number and other information to complete the transfer.

In May this year, Yi Gang, governor of the peoples Bank of China, said that at present, digital RMB has been tested in Shenzhen, Suzhou, xiongan, Chengdu and future Winter Olympic Games. However, the current pilot test is only a routine work in the R & D process, which does not mean that the digital RMB will be officially launched, and there is no timetable for the official launch.

On August 27, CCTV reported that the Central Bank of Chinas digital currency tests and preparations were proceeding in an orderly manner. In Shenzhen, the internal testing of digital currency is being carried out in an orderly manner; in Suzhou, some civil servants have received part of their salaries in the form of digital currency; in xiongan New District, 19 companies such as McDonalds have begun to pilot digital currency.

As early as 2019, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the China finance society and former governor of the peoples Bank of China, once said: the central banks digital currency is more focused on its own country, and may pay more attention to wholesale. It provides digital currency for wholesale and clearing between central banks and third-party payers. Theoretically, the central banks digital currency can also serve retail. However, due to its impact on the existing financial system, the central banks digital currency can also provide retail services Its a big shock, so were very cautious.

Based on this, Chen Wen believes that whether the final landing of DC / EP is mainly wholesale or retail remains to be observed. In fact, for China, the domestic retail payment market has been sufficiently developed. Even if DC / EP is positioned as retail type, it is more complementary to the existing retail payment market, rather than necessarily playing a leading role. However, there is room for imagination in the application of DC / EP in promoting the more accurate application of inclusive financial services.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of first finance and Economics_ NBJ11279