When changing seasons, these three sets of modeling are preferred, keeping warm and charming

 When changing seasons, these three sets of modeling are preferred, keeping warm and charming

Its a must for autumn jacket to keep warm than a shirt and thinner than a sweater. Especially, the current popular oversize style online shirt is incisively and vividly reflected. The low collar cutting and soft color selection make the sweater reflect the feminine temperament after being put on. Moreover, the loose thread shirt specially covers the flesh. The broad lines of the shoulder and the worship meat of the arm can be well hidden.

The design sense of the sweater makes this kind of single bring a kind of retro sweet flavor, so we should try our best to avoid the dark color in the selection of color. The pure white line shirt which is very bright and aging reduction has strong versatility, and does not choose skin color. Choose some loose white line shirt can match almost all pants, but the choice of pants should try to favor dark Department, the effect will be better. No matter how many women run, the choice of thread shirt as an internal or single wear is very eye-catching.

Match 1: Sweater + tights

Long line shirt as a single dress is very thin, especially recommended to choose the shirt as the lining of the shirt, to create a fashionable sense of hierarchy and not tie meat. As the outer wear of the sweater should be biased to a large opening collar design, exposed part of the neck skin will not appear bloated, the lower body with tight pants can just form the effect of upper loose and lower tight, slightly fat girls wear such a special thin Oh!

Match 2: Sweater + wide leg pants

If it is a slightly slim sweater, it will be very elegant and comfortable as a single top. The color selection should also be based on the gentle color system, such as the special white taro purple or Cornus pink. With the wide leg pants in khaki color, it can easily create the effect of tightening up and loosening down, which is especially suitable for girls with thick legs. Short sisters put on high-heeled shoes or shoes on the perfect show tall!

Item 2, suit

Suit is the king of autumn fried collocation, no matter what figure and skin color of girls learn to match suit, can appear superior clothing. The button suit jacket in the format is very slim. Women with small stomachs on the upper body can cover up the body defects. The straight tube style suit pants can improve the leg shape. The slim women choose the suit in autumn!

Compared with the formal style, the improved suit is more suitable for daily wear. Generally, the improved suit only takes the personalized tailored suit with classic style. For example, the most common Lapel suit coat is changed into the fold over cuff style, and the straight tube pleated suit pants are improved into slim and slim style. Different improved suit styles will appear more daily, especially in the small leg pants with the improved suit shape, which especially modifies the body lines.

Match 1: T-shirt + improved suit

At present, the most simple and board style daily suit is very popular. The whole suit continues the cutting of the suit standing shoulder and waist, and the pants also adopts the style of high waist and foot retraction, eliminating the arrangement and embellishment of buttons. This kind of pure color suit is more suitable for daily use. The pure white T-shirt just forms the color contrast with the suit, and the short Martin boots are very campus style. :

Match 2: wide leg pants + improved suit

Women with thick legs are always worried that they will look strong when they wear straight suits and trousers. We only need to replace the wide leg pants with the suit to completely solve the problem of leg bulkiness. The wide layout design of wide leg pants can hide the thigh fat perfectly, and the waistband embellishment of the longer waistband suit makes your body ratio look more extreme.

Item 3. Windbreaker

Autumn long windbreaker coat is definitely the symbol of autumn wear, if you still only know jeans with windbreaker, it is too outdated! The first is the selection of windbreaker style. The windbreaker that is longer than the buttocks can better modify the waist hip curve. Especially for women with small belly or wide hips, it can completely cover the body defects when wearing the windbreaker. The selection of the inner layer is more soft and beautiful, which is beautiful and sassy when it is matched with the windbreaker.

Most of the windbreaker styles are Waist Wide Swing, regardless of the size of women wearing thin, the effect is very good, as for the color selection of windbreaker is often step on thunder. Autumn coat can not choose too bright color system, easy to show black and fat, relatively gentle apricot and khaki are the preferred colors for autumn, and the combination of white or dark black can achieve a strong sense of integration of the overall color system.

Match 1: windbreaker + dress

Super recommended dress as the inside of the windbreaker, especially the long dress shows the skirt, which forms a proper sense of hierarchy with the hem of the windbreaker, and different color contrast between the internal and external pieces is also the key to increase the overall wearing fashion. For example, the floral dress that many women like very much in autumn is inevitably too thin. It can be used with the pure color windbreaker to add a bright feeling to the overall shape. At the same time, it is fashionable and beautiful, and the warmth is very good! :

Match 2: windbreaker + skirt

Its more intellectual and aesthetic to match the top skirt with the sweater, which is suitable for mature women with fat upper body. The upper body curve looks more slim and slender with the modification of windbreaker coat. And the choice of skirt can be a little more fancy, with the embellishment of bright flowers, it can be seen faintly when the clothes are blowing, and the fashion sense of the whole dress will rise several grades instantly!

Women who will wear in autumn will not miss these three pieces. The several kinds of clothes introduced by Xiaobian can instantly make you look elegant and warm. Its right to wear them in autumn!