Zhenxiang warns that these 8 clothes are fashionable for at least half a year

 Zhenxiang warns that these 8 clothes are fashionable for at least half a year

With these 8 pieces of clothes, you can be beautiful from now to winter, and you can not repeat the sample for more than n days. You can learn how to match clothes and wear methods today! A kind of

The coat is made of Soft Rayon and has a stable color. Small stand collar design is very popular, let the face look clean and refreshing. The lower part of the body is bright and delicate brown, creating a rational and mature temperament, which will give people a strong sense of trust. A kind of

When the weather gets cold, wear it with a cardigan. Add a subtle touch to the soft cardigan in Cocoa Brown. Deep color moderately reduces the sense of jumping, very suitable for the atmosphere of autumn. A kind of

The same top with a sense of youth piece on the coruscate new vitality. The bright blue color of denim has faded color, which makes the whole body full of vitality and leisure feeling. It will be more energetic with modern accessories. A kind of

With the change of season, with the suspender dress instead of jeans, black and autumn more harmonious. The design is full of feminine and modern feeling, suitable for comfortable commuting or home. A kind of

The soft color of the long coat reduces the maturity of the inside and creates a unified lightness. And to beige and brown based, with the gradual change of the same color, make the style more simple. A kind of

Moderate transparent dark blue shirt and fitted plaid skirt have strong traditional style in color. In order to make skin more beautiful, pink sandals, bright nails and proper skin exposure are the key points. A kind of

T-shirt x denim style, most suitable for outdoor leisure time! The appearance of suspender vest dress increases the city sense and the girls breath is more rich. A kind of

Wearing a jacket over a T-shirt and jeans adds a sense of familiarity and comfort. Suede Boots of the same color in the jacket add autumn atmosphere from the sole of the foot, which is also the key to this years modeling. A kind of

Wear a coat when its a little cold. The mix and match of different texture items will not look very heavy, and the difference of materials will bring a sense of layering. When the whole body is mainly beige and brown, khaki may be the most harmonious and personalized choice. A kind of

The panties are cool and easy to move around and easy to wash at home. Through the blue shirt and elegant beige color matching, white T-shirt and white sports shoes are used to increase the brightness, which gives out a healthy smell. A kind of

In the autumn color season, you can dilute the whole body and wear it in a casual chic style. The combination of thick female camouflage dress and transparent shirt adds depth to the dress. A kind of

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