Ding! Summer progress u25a0 200percent

 Ding! Summer progress u25a0 200percent

Just recently, the variety show perfect summer is being broadcasted. The program is recorded in Sanya West Island. It seems that the salty sea breeze can be felt across the screen, as if it was pulled back to the midsummer.

The programs permanent guests are also high-quality contestants, in which the dress up is dazzling! It is full of everyday feeling and fashionable atmosphere. It not only has the fresh charm of summer, but also has some elements that can be continued to early autumn

After all, its just at the turn of the seasons, and the heat of late summer and early autumn is not decreasing. How can you show your fashion sense with thin and limited clothes?

Its better to copy their clothing exercise books, seize the tail of summer, continue this sense of atmosphere, and inject fresh vitality and inspiration for the beginning of autumn!

What I want to share with you today

Transition between summer and Autumn

After looking through the clothes, we have extracted some fashionable elements suitable for the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, hoping that you can better welcome the coming autumn with your love for summer.

Printing elements

The print element often reminds people of Hawaiian Flower shirts, which are full of holiday style and have nothing to do with early autumn? Wait a minute. Dont rush to put away your printed clothes. Its OK to dress up in a fancy way. The patterns are fashionable and diverse now, which can help you to show different fashion styles easily.

Whats more, color printing also has some charming retro flavor, but also does not lose the sense of leisure, it is very suitable in the early autumn when the temperature is not lower.

Therefore, its better to put aside the regular patterns and have fun again. Pick some unique printing patterns to grasp the vitality.

In addition, in terms of wear and match, the printed clothing is very suitable for overlapping wear, which is very practical in the transition period with uncertain temperature, which can create a sense of hierarchy.

But note that this kind of full print pattern also has a large amount of sense, so dont be greedy, and match some simple and atmospheric clothing, such as solid white T, which is the basic model.

In terms of bottom matching, the long sleeve printed shirt is put into the pants, which has the flavor of easychic, and enters the autumn in an instant.

Color nature is the second key point. The bright and fresh colors like ice cream are not just for summer. Because of its own visual cool feeling filter, it is also friendly and practical to wear in the early autumn when the temperature is high.

After all, they are standing at the end of summer, and now its time to feel the youthful vitality of these bright and colorful colors, and instantly become a beautiful scenery in the crowd.

This solid color design is very durable, can highlight the charm of color! High brightness, low saturation colors such as tender goose yellow will present a creamy texture, vigor and aging.

Of course, this kind of color system has a strong sense of existence. If you are afraid of overturning the color matching, it is better to follow the classic less than more than three colors, or directly match the basic color system, and other related clothing should also be as simple as possible.

There is also an entry-level color matching rule - the color matching. Find out the main tone and choose the same color for other parts. Of course, you can also point out the fashionable and careful machine on accessories, and break the monotony with a small part of color contrast!

In addition to the same color system, similar color matching is also a good idea to get, which looks harmonious and outstanding. For example, the combination of blue and green brings a stronger visual cooling effect, and the collision of large color blocks also makes a set of look less rigid.

Finally, if you still feel that the color is too bright and out of date after reading the above color matching ideas, dont forget the light blue which is fresh and easy to match. The combination of light blue and white brings the refreshing feeling of plus version. I believe it is the existence after summer.

Classic tannin fabric

Dont forget the challenge if you have more than two parts. Denim is also a very common fabric throughout the year. With its existence, carry is not a problem.

Similarly, jeans trousers are also a good choice. They look very playful, but also save the trouble of matching up and down, and also have a sense of hierarchy. Its not limited to wear inside. Pick a casual and fit T-shirt or shirt.

Denim is not easy to make mistakes in color selection, but there are some differences. Even the most representative blue will convey different feelings due to different production. For example, light blue is more refreshing, dark blue is more calm, and the white design has a sense of being old-fashioned.

You can also turn to the basic color system such as black and white gray, more low-key and versatile. And the color system of tannin fabric will be more chic, such as dream purple, can also be bold to try.


Wang Yibos water blue printed shirt is full of personality and very eye-catching. At the same time, the printed shirt as a coat is also a very casual idea to wear. With pure white underlay and casual pants, the whole look looks neat and cool.

Li Xian

Li Xian chose a color printed shirt with artistic sense inside the suit, which not only avoided the monotony and distance feeling that the solid color suit might bring, but also strengthened the level of modeling, among which the appropriate white space also made the shirt more simple and atmospheric.

Liu Yuning

Liu yunnings tie dye printing is also very chic. The white lining is very clean, which highlights the printing pattern as a bright spot. The use of metal necklace and thin frame glasses and other accessories further enriches the shape, with a fresh feeling of a big boy.

Yao Chen

Yao Chens goose yellow suit, sports pants and silver necklace make a smart balance between formality and sports style, which is suitable for reference in early autumn. The goose yellow blessing adds more sunshine and vitality.

Cheng Yi

Li Yifeng

Li Yifengs long coat is cherry blossom pink, which has a unique charm. With the basic pure white inside, it presents a clean and romantic feeling. And the lightweight coat is also very practical to cope with the uncertain weather during the transition period.

Lin Yanjun

Wearing a dark blue denim jacket, Lin Yanjun is still gentle and handsome. The metal chain necklace echoes the neat hot diamond on the denim. At the same time, he has a full sense of leisure, and his silhouette is very neat, which can lock your eyes in one second.

Xu Weizhou

Xu Weizhous torn jeans have some cool rock style, and the increase of skin area also improves the air permeability. And if the top is over size, the lower part can be matched according to the loose top and tight bottom, and the close fitting jeans are a good choice.

Huang Minghao

Huang Minghaos loose jeans trousers are more artistic. The retro background color and the decorative color of oil painting brush strokes are skillfully integrated, which has a sense of design. Then with a metal necklace and torn black and white plaid shirt, uninhibited sense of punk arrangement.

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