Sandals are out of favor. These five shoes are the most popular

 Sandals are out of favor. These five shoes are the most popular

In this season, a pair of Martin boots can solve almost all kinds of wear and match. This kind of shoes are made of leather, rubber and other materials, so the texture of the whole shoes is also very good. And most of the Martin boots are classic black, which makes them very versatile. There are short and long Martin boots. If you are a tall girl, you can choose a tall one, which is very fashionable. If you are a short girl with thick legs, you should try to choose a low tube Martin boots to show your legs are long.

Martin boots have a lot of daily collocation, if you want to go cool and handsome style, then you must choose jeans. In the choice of jeans, if it is tight, the best color is the same color, such as small black pants with black Martin boots, so as to show leg length. If you are a girl with a lot of thigh meat, you can choose straight pants, which can cover up the excess flesh and make the legs look long and straight. If the legs are slightly shorter, you can roll up the trouser legs and expose the ankles, which can create a sense of sight that the legs are 1.8 meters long.

If you want to go with fashionable leisure style, you must have a pair of daddy shoes. This kind of shoes have the elements of combining sports shoes and muffin shoes. The design of thick soles will not look too heavy, and the splicing of various colors appears fashionable and personalized. Secondly, Dad shoes can also let you easily create a retro style. Of course, we also need to pay attention to a little bit, because the overall design of dads shoes is relatively complex, so the color of the top should not be too complicated.

If you dont want to wear such complicated shoes, but also to maintain comfort, in fact, small white shoes can meet all you need. Simple but not simple, no matter what kind of clothes you wear, the small white shoes matching will not appear abrupt, and white is also a relatively bright color, wearing it will not make this autumn look too boring. Whether you choose skirt or pants, you can modify the leg shape and look clean and comfortable. Its the gospel of the little sister with thick legs.

Grandma shoes

The most retro style shoe piece is Grandmas shoes. The biggest feature of this shoe is very comfortable and small feet. So if you are a girl with big feet, there is no mistake in choosing it. Its design is simple and casual. Most of them are made of leather materials. It also has a sense of texture. Therefore, it is suitable for matching with softer colors to make it look more harmonious and create elegant and gentle atmosphere.

Although most of grandmas shoes are flat bottomed, because it will show a large area of instep, it is still not necessary to worry about the problem of pressing height. Of course, if the short girls want to achieve the effect of showing height, in fact, you can choose V-shaped mouth design or pointed shoes, which can visually extend your legs. Secondly, you can add a little heel, which can actually improve your height.

Cat heel shoes

The most obvious temperament of single shoes is cat heel shoes. Most of these shoes are 3-5cm heel, which is not too tired to wear. It is much more comfortable than high-heeled shoes. Secondly, it has the advantages of high-heeled shoes, so it will look very elegant and feminine. Most of these shoes are pointed design, so they can extend the leg lines and make long legs easily.

This kind of shoes are very suitable for daily commuting. No matter whether you wear pants or skirts, you can easily create a light and ripe style. Secondly, we can choose different styles of cat heel shoes according to our own foot shape to make our overall collocation more perfect. For example, girls with wide feet are better to choose a square toe cap or a cat heel shoe with some ornaments on the toe, which can be repaired well Decorate your instep to make the whole person look more harmonious and light.


The last one can be said to be a piece that many young or middle-aged women love. It is more practical and more comfortable than cat heel shoes. In particular, Muller shoes with thick heels are very suitable for girls who are not tall and cant wear thin heels. The overall wearing stability is better. This kind of shoes can also make you feel retro and modern in an instant.

Of course, if you want to have a bit of daily leisure, but dont want to be too casual, you can choose a pair of flat bottomed Muller shoes, remove the thick heel, and turn into a pair of leather sandals. With socks, you will have a sense of mixed fashion. Secondly, you dont have to be afraid that the flat bottomed Muller shoes will press the height. They can expose the bare feet in a large area and lengthen the leg lines. Even if they are matched with a large skirt, they can also show a slender figure.

Well, in the autumn of the new season, no matter what kind of clothes you want to change, you must choose the most suitable shoes to keep yourself fashionable all the time.