Cheng Xiao walks to the airport with 150000 birdcage, which is too cute

 Cheng Xiao walks to the airport with 150000 birdcage, which is too cute

This exquisite and complex design, when the show, bloggers think, even if the brand is sold to the public in the future, it may not be suitable for the street. For one thing, its not like a traditional bag, its like a work of art; on the other hand, its not very convenient to use from a practical point of view.

In fact, the design of this special-shaped bag is inspired by the classical birdcage style in Coco Chanel apartment. This reminds bloggers that about 10 years ago, Louis Vuitton also had a bird cage window design, which appeared in another unspeakable luxury brand. However, it is still very bold and novel to make a piece that can be carried.

After the bag is on the market, it is not completely open for sale. The target audience is limited to VIP users, and the price is as high as 157 thousand. Birdcage is really not cheap. A lot of fashionable fine weeding also said that the bird cage is more suitable to be put on the shelf, not suitable for carrying out.

But one of the students really carried the birdcage bag out. It was Cheng Xiao. In the recent airport Street photo, Cheng Xiao was photographed holding a birdcage in his hand. The birdcage is not very big. All the people who think that it looks like an old man when he carries the bird cage out of the street is shattered when he sees the airport photo, because it is too delicate and lovely.

Matched with this birdcage Dinner Bag, Cheng Xiao wore a semi transparent thin blouse with flower patterns. The dreamy feeling really matches this exquisite artwork. In addition, she wore her favorite fishermans cap and sports shoes, and mixed up the feeling of vitality.

On her other wrist is the Rolex she usually wears, and her glasses are from kroexin. The legs of the glasses are of a very nostalgic carved design. See the figure below for details. Do you feel that these accessories, like birdcage, have the taste of antiquity in the old days?

On the whole, even though the bird cage, which is not very convenient to carry, can be put at home for ten thousand reasons, it is not against the law to carry it out from Chengxiao airport. It is very beautiful. It can be seen that after this work of art was weeded, Cheng Xiao couldnt put it down. He had to go to the street to enjoy himself.

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