Its comfortable and nice to wear at work

 Its comfortable and nice to wear at work


Look1 is what I think is the most suitable for lazy people, but also the most effortless commuter wear - shirt skirt.

Its convenient and easy to match. Dresses like this one with bandages at the waist can also show a slim waist.

The style of the ribbon is small and chic, and the casual decoration makes people feel simple and low-key.

And the wide band style can give people another visual effect, from the waist to the bow at the skirt, which plays an embellishment role for this one piece piece piece, and also enriches the overall modeling level.

Suit coat + Sling Dress

Just came from the summer, you must have a lot of suspender dresses.

Whether its a cotton or linen floral or a satin solid color, it can make your elegant and feminine, and the solemnity of a suit can be instantly weakened by the soft lines of the dress.

Shirt + high waist skirt

As a must-have piece for commuting, long sleeve shirts are finally coming in handy this season. And in so many kinds of shirt wearing method, my favorite is the shirt with high waist skirt.

If you think a solid color shirt will look a little dull on the vision, you can choose this style with bow or simple pattern. With a half skirt over the knee length, it will not be exposed. It lacks the modesty that should be worn in the workplace. In addition, because it matches with macarone, the overall shape becomes gentle.

Pullover / shirt + High Waist Wide Leg Pants


The wide legged pants, which will not be absent in the wardrobe of any season, are of course the most pleasing in commuting wear in early autumn. I feel that it is a piece that is not easy to make mistakes and who wears it looks good.

When using high waist and wide leg pants with shirt, try to choose a more loose shirt, which can make the overall modeling level more full and more lines, and also create a casual and generous visual feeling.

If you like a little sexy style, you can choose a one shoulder shirt. If you prefer a retro sweet style, try a baby collar shirt or a tie up shirt.

In addition to the shirt, wide leg pants can be worn with any pullover. Compared with shirts, T-shirts and wide legged pants will be more straightforward Street sense. If you think its too casual to wear on your commute day, just hang out with a thin suit.

Suit coat + Bermuda Shorts


Pair it with a suit like a jacket and a pair of Martin boots, and youll know why Bermuda shorts have been popular since summer, and theyre still hot.

The design of high waist and loose version can well decorate our thigh and leg shape. The length just reaching the knee also lengthens the leg line visually.

In the commuting day, choose the same color of the single, in the body-building inside and outside, and put on a seasons most popular suit coat, it seems calm and fashionable.