Womens wardrobe durable skirt, suitable for 40 year old women, highlighting the mature age of the United States and temperament

 Womens wardrobe durable skirt, suitable for 40 year old women, highlighting the mature age of the United States and temperament

Soft light tone, just for the beginning of autumn, bright pink wear out a different flavor.

Water red long skirt with gray T-shirt, fresh and bright, fold the design of the skirt full of change. Cool pink purple and the same cool lemon yellow combination, bold color, let you stand out in daily life.

Light sage green and rubber powder, saturation is low, on the top with Black Loose pleated shirt, or brown shirt, soft and light, let people look back.

The length of the skirt reaches the middle of the leg, covering the thickest part of the leg, revealing the slender ankle, which can set off the line of the leg.

Long elastic waist grey skirt, more inclined to sports style, white shirt suitable for women in the workplace, the following with a pair of light walking shoes, let you travel or work, can fly.

Pleated skirt, a versatile skirt, is still the mainstream in autumn. With a black jacket with sports style, you can wear a relaxed silhouette. At the same time, the calm black is in contrast to the flowing pleats.

Light tulle skirt

In autumn, if you wear a heavy coat or windbreaker, and choose a light skirt inside, you will show high-level matching skills, such as a pleated tulle skirt or chiffon skirt. Bright colors dont matter at all. As long as you use a white shirt to neutralize the bright color, you can achieve good results.

The skirt is light and light, and the one that focuses on layering. Tulle or lace, with patterns on it, highlights the lovely and Princess spirit of women. A white shirt is used on the upper body to convey the effect of pure and aging reduction.

The tight T-shirt has the small flying sleeve design, just highlights the beautiful body shape, matches the light gray long skirt, this one is gentle and graceful.

A-line skirt

A-line large swing skirt, waist fit, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, the effect of modifying the body is very obvious, and it also appears to be very tall and straight.

Dark brown shirt, with mocha color long skirt, with the same color, wearing a foreign style of Europe and America.

With denim jacket to match the sports skirt, the neutral style and romantic long skirt are integrated, also suitable for shielding the cool of early autumn.

High waist skirt is a must for women. High waist skirt naturally improves the waistline, shortening the proportion of upper body and increasing the proportion of lower body. The high waisted skirt with straps is not childish in style. It is matched with a tight top without sleeves, which makes it look light and ripe.

The high waist long skirt with large three-dimensional pleats in front, with a wide belt to outline the thin waist, the loose bubble sleeve with the band mouth design, can show the slender wrist of the hand. In the workplace, use a small red backpack to strengthen the image, soft silk scarf as embellishment, adding color to the whole body.