Are you transparent enough?

 Are you transparent enough?

Kim Jones, who served as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton mens wear for seven years, became the first popular designer of Dior. The B23 sneaker integrates the current hot PVC and retro Street elements. The translucent design similar to converse adds Diors logo printing, which instantly wins the hearts of many people.

After the B23 hit, Dior launched the black version, followed by countless pairs of color and limited series prints.

In this years spring and summer 2020 series show, Dior even omitted printing flowers and launched a pair of fully transparent plastic short boots. This pair of shoes was also produced and began to be sold this summer. Although the price is a conscience price relative to other items in their family, slaughtering sheep will not only collect wool, and a series of big pits begin to follow.

After the launch, many buyers responded that wearing only solid color socks or not wearing socks really affected the beauty and felt a little naked and shy, but what better way? So Dior has come up with some high top printed stockings, various dioroblique logos and classic newspaper prints, which can make you enjoy wearing different Dior shoes every day.

In this way, the average price of each pair is about 1800 yuan. After you buy a few more pairs, you will find that the budget you spend on this pair of shoes has surpassed that of other shoes. However, this is a road of no return. As long as you enter this circle, it is hard to break away from it. More new printed stockings are coming like you.

Transparent design looks very avant-garde and novel, but in fact, this element has already existed in the shoe ring, but because of some historical reasons, it did not spread widely at that time.

The true ancestor of Nike shoes, transparent shoes, was born in 2004. This is not only the first time that Nike has used transparent materials, but also the first transparent design in the history of shoes. However, limited by the technology at that time, the transparent part of the shoes is made of PVC, which is easy to oxidize and turn yellow, and has poor air permeability.

In 2006, Nike continued to build momentum for the transparent shoes and launched two new models, one of which was the AirForce1 Invisible Woman. The cool white and blue combined with transparent upper also had great popularity.

Although the use of transparent materials has achieved great success, it also has obvious disadvantages, such as the embarrassment of fogging and the pain of oxidation and yellowing, which makes people love and hate. So in the following time, this element gradually fade from the shoe ring. But when it comes to Adidas, they launched their transparent shoes in 2010 and 2012.

In 2010, Adidas and Jeremy Scott brought their co branded works. The exaggerated wing series was presented in almost transparent shoes, which made many stars go on foot one after another, becoming the popular model of that year. Since then, more versions have been released.

However, when it comes to transparent shoes, I think the first reaction of many people is one of the ten: the joint off white and Converse shoes. Todays price is more than the price.

Commedes garonsxnikedunkhi retro, which was launched in 2017, is also one of the shoes that has brought transparent shoes back to the public view in the past two years. Strong fashion, also captured a number of fashion people.

In addition to so many transparent shoes, more and more transparent pieces are beginning to appear in our lives.

For example, Celine was famous for transparent plastic bags.

Kim Kardashians favorite transparent boot.

Neil Barrett PVC windbreaker coats that let Hua Chenyu, fan Chengcheng and others all hit their shirts.

Ballys transparent backpack.

All kinds of trend products tell us that the tide of transparency is rising.

Just as Zheng Shuang said a few days ago, because we have to accept the social process, we have to do it.. The trend of the times is inevitable, but everyone is adapting. Just like yezzy, a lot of people think its not good-looking when they just come out, but they get used to it over time. Therefore, although more than half of 2020 has passed, transparency seems to be a trend. It will always be accepted and accepted by more and more people, and will continue to give full play to its potential space.

New Media Editor: Monster C

Text: Wen Yuhan

Image: from brand / network