Comment on white moonlight: do you have to fight junior to reflect female awakening?

 Comment on white moonlight: do you have to fight junior to reflect female awakening?

Recently, the female group portrait drama and the female suspense drama are quite popular. As far as the former is concerned, a number of female group portrait plays have been launched this year, such as who says I cant get married, Im not confused at 20, just 30 and he doesnt really love you that much. As for womens suspense dramas, they have also moved from small cost production to high-quality production. The recently popular skyscraper and white moon are different from Cass to productions.

In many episodes, white moonlight still stands out. Because the vast majority of women on the market tell stories about women to the series, but it is men who are in charge of the director. There is no definite relationship between the directors gender and whether she tells a good female story, but the audience still looks forward to the female story told by the female director - maybe the female director will make some more subtle discoveries.

Liu Ziwei, the director of white moonlight, whose film debut my heart leaps, tells a story of a young girls love affairs in a gentle and delicate way, which reflects the excellent image taste and the control of writing emotions with images. White moonlight is still impressive in terms of image performance. The anxious inner world of the protagonist is transmitted to the audience through light and shadow.

Unfortunately, the story of white moon is still old-fashioned.

Architect Zhang Yi (song Jiajia) is a perfect woman with a perfect career, a perfect family and a seemingly perfect husband. Her husband Zhang Xin (Yu Entai) used to be an architect, but after he had children, he resigned and became a full-time father. Zhang Yi took charge of the outside and Zhang Xin took charge of the interior.

But one day, an ambiguous wechat pop up on Zhang Xins mobile phone broke the quiet life. Zhang Yi is suspicious of her husbands infidelity. Once she suspects her, she cant stop. She is in a state of constant suspicion, tension and nervousness.

To be frank, if this story was broadcast last year, it would be more favorable. This years audience has seen the story of a perfect woman breaking down because of her husbands infidelity through the Korean TV series husband and wifes world and the domestic drama just thirty. the white moon still performs like this, which is not only a problem of aesthetic fatigue, but also a creative oriented Deviation (let alone white moonlight is directed by women): it can write about male infidelity, But can we not easily let our perfect heroine collapse, as if the husband derailed, their world is over?

Song Jias acting skills are so good that the audience cant help it: can you do it?

Zhang Yi is a pillar of the family economy and has an excellent career. If he finds out that her husband is cheating, he should quickly find a lawyer, find evidence, stabilize his property and kick the man off. If white moon is shot in this direction and provides a divorce strategy to maximize the interests of women who have been betrayed in marriage, it will be much more powerful.

But white moon is still on its way. Its not that we cant do this. In reality, there are many elite women who are very vulnerable in their emotions and will never recover when they are betrayed by their husbands. However, film and television creation is not only to present reality, but also to show ought to be. A little three can break down the elite women, but the values behind it are still quite old-fashioned: Womens perfection is based on mens not cheating, womens dilemma comes from men, and womens individual value depends on family value.

When Zhang Yi is in trouble, Yang Yan (Liu mintao) is a sister who meets by chance. The first time we met, Yang Yan opened her heart to Zhang Yi: Yang Yan had two marriages, the first marriage, and her husbands domestic violence. After divorce, she married a husband with her children. She thought she could harvest a happy family, but her husband cheated again. Yang Yan has been comforting and encouraging Zhang Yi. In order to help Zhang Yi fight junior three, he has been working hard and sharing a common hatred against the enemy.

In the past, womens emotional dramas were keen on depicting fire prevention, theft prevention and protection of girlfriends. Recently, women have turned to the series and consciously highlighted the sisterhood between women. This is the performance of progressive values. Because in the face of strong male chauvinism, womens Union is always more powerful than womens internal division. Its not to guard against girlfriends or fight against juniors, but that men should control themselves.

On the dramatic reversal, the purpose of white moon is to achieve. This is not, Chen Zhang Xins cheating object is Yang Yan Chen, who is also the first in hot search. The topic sex is high, but the females sisterhood is reduced to fire prevention, burglary prevention and boudoir protection.

Source: surging news editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395