Three family members killed in Jiangxi Province: it could have been avoided to investigate police malfeasance cases in other places

 Three family members killed in Jiangxi Province: it could have been avoided to investigate police malfeasance cases in other places

We believe that there is dereliction of duty in dealing with Zeng Chunliang by Lean police. Kang Leying, the victims family member, said that if the Lean police promptly took compulsory measures against Zeng Chunliang after calling the police at Kangs home, the latter two murders would not have happened.

Kang Leying recalled that on August 23, the police in charge of the case took a notice of filing a case issued by the Public Security Bureau of Lean County for the Kang family to sign. The reporter saw that the notice of filing the case said: Xiong Xiaomeis family was illegally invaded. After investigation, our bureau considers that it meets the conditions for filing the case, and now it has been investigated and filed. Since the date of the signing was July 24, many days ago, the Kang family refused to sign.

On August 23, Kangs family received the notice of filing the case

We ask Fuzhou discipline inspection department to avoid the investigation of malfeasance of public security in Lean, and transfer the investigation of malfeasance to relevant departments in other places. Kang said.

After we called the police to Shandang police station on July 22, local residents did not see any notice about the arrest of Zeng Chunliang. Zeng Chunliang did not know where we had called the police? Kang Leying questioned, he absconded for many days after committing the crime. When he was caught, his beard was clean and his mouth was stained with rice grains. We suspect that someone has taken him in during this period of time.

Although Zeng Chunliang has been arrested, the Kang family basically left their old house and went to Nanchang - one is to take care of their seriously injured nephew; the other is that their parents died in the house, which need some time to accept. Kang Leying said, at present, my nephew is in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, and the situation has improved. My little nephew can eat. Although he cant speak, he is slow to respond to our language communication, but he will listen to some simple things and give feedback. We are already very excited.

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The victims family did their best, but failed to stop the tragedy.

According to the description of the victims family members, Zeng Chunliang called the police for the first time after he was found in the room on July 22, called the police again on July 24, and took away the tools on July 25. Since then, the Kang family said they have never received any feedback from the police.

After Kangs family called the police, because there was no property loss, the police identified the case as illegal entry. If it is a public security case, is there any punishment? Is there a warning? Is there any detention? Or have you been looking for someone? In the 18 days since the victims families first reported to the police on July 22, in addition to confirming the identity of the suspect and taking away the tools of the crime, did the police take action in accordance with the regulations or did they take action without catching anyone? These questions need to be explained to the public by the police.

Can such a tragedy be avoided? It is responsible for peoples life and safety, and self-examination and self correction can also deserve the applause of the people.

On August 8, at 07:03:09, Zeng Chunliang hung a towel around his neck, wore a light T-shirt and dark trousers, wore black gloves in his left hand, and went upstairs with a hammer and a strip-shaped object suspected of a sharp knife in his right hand.

Ms. Kang said it was not the first time Zeng Chunliang had attacked her home.

On July 22, when Ms. Kangs mother Xiong Xiaomei went to the bedroom on the third floor to clean up, she found a stranger who had injured her mother and pricked her brothers fingers and skin. Later, the family reported to the police and found out that his name was Zeng Chunliang. He lived in No. 49, xinhoufang group, houfang village, Shandang Town, Lean county. He had just been released from prison and had many cases.

On July 23, Kangs family went to the Criminal Police Brigade of Lean county to report the case again, asking the police to put the case on file to pursue the suspect. After that, Ms. Kangs sister-in-law cleaned the house on the third floor and found suspected tools, and the Kang family called the police again.

Ms. Kang stressed that her family did not know the suspect and had nothing to do with it.

Understand the whole story of Jiangxi homicide

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