To save money, a 2-year-old daughter died of an explosion on the roof of a rented building

 To save money, a 2-year-old daughter died of an explosion on the roof of a rented building

It is understood that the injured mother and daughter live in Luorong town. In order to save money, the family lives on the roof of a private house, and their living expenses are all dependent on their fathers going out to work.

After receiving the call that night, the local hospital director rushed back to the hospital. According to the preliminary diagnosis, the whole body burn area of the mother was more than 80%, and most of them were deep burn, while the burn area of daughter was more than 90%. Most of them were deep burn with severe respiratory tract injury. Both of them are not optimistic.

The Department of burn and plastic surgery, Department of Ophthalmology, otolaryngology and Department of anesthesia in operating room quickly formed an expert group that night to consult and rescue the mother and daughter. The next day, the medical department and nursing department organized pediatrics and critical care medicine department to join the rescue team.

The medical staff stayed up all night. After several hours of hard treatment, the condition of her mother, Ms. Yang, finally stabilized. However, the situation of her two-year-old daughter was not optimistic because of her heavy injury. On the morning of the 29th, the strong little girls condition turned worse. Although the medical staff tried her best, she still closed her eyes forever.

At 9 oclock in the morning, I spoke to her, and she left at 10 oclock. In the Department of burn and plastic surgery of Liugang hospital, Mr. Li, who arrived at the hospital from other places overnight after getting the news, looked haggard. Seeing off his young sister in the morning, he couldnt accept the sudden arrival of all this. His two-year-old sister is far from his age, but in his opinion, this lively and lovely little clever ghost has always been the love of the family.

My sister is gone, and now the biggest hope is that my mother will get better soon. Mr. Li said the doctor told him that there were still several hurdles for his mothers recovery. So far, he and his relatives have only raised 50000 yuan to the hospital, and the subsequent treatment costs will be at least several hundred thousand yuan, which is astronomical for him and his family.

Zhang Zuqi, deputy director of the Department of burn and plastic surgery at Liugang hospital, said that although Ms. Yangs condition has tended to be stable, she is still in shock stage, far from being out of danger of life. The follow-up treatment still needs a lot of investment in time, energy and funds. At present, in line with the principle of patients first, the hospital is trying its best to treat her, hoping that she can survive all the hurdles.

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