Convenient! Beijing Rail Transit supports cloud flash app code swiping

 Convenient! Beijing Rail Transit supports cloud flash app code swiping

Enjoy the whole network of Beijing Rail Transit

In order to further improve the ticketing service level of Beijing Rail Transit and better meet the diversified mobile payment needs of passengers, the transportation department has strengthened the cooperation with Beijing UnionPay. Since August 30, passengers can use the cloud flash payment app to swipe the subway code and travel through the whole rail transit network.

Passengers can download and use the cloud flash payment app, click take subway on the page, and open Beijing Rail Transit boarding code according to the guidelines, and then they can brush the code to take the bus on the 23 operating lines of Beijing rail transit, and enjoy the monthly accumulated discount of rail transit (the discount can not be accumulated across the app). At the same time, cloud flash payment is also newly added as one of the payment methods of billion channel app, providing passengers with diversified payment options. If you encounter any problems in use, please call 95516 to contact UnionPay cloud flash payment customer service for consultation and solution.

A variety of bus routes

Make subway travel more convenient

Since the Internet Ticketing Service was launched on August 20, 2017, Beijing rail transit has successively launched such services as ticket collection at online ticket station, two-dimensional code ride, electronic fixed ticket, electronic time ticket and electronic one-way ticket, which are welcomed and favored by the majority of passengers. Up to now, more than 70% of Beijings rail transit Internet ticketing services and mobile NFC use.

The online application of cloud flash pay app code swiping service makes Beijing Rail Transit add new members on the basis of Yitong app, Beijing public transport app and Beijing all in one card app to better meet the travel needs of different passengers.

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