Vulgar! The woman shot a video three times in a row in the crotch, burst out crying cry

 Vulgar! The woman shot a video three times in a row in the crotch, burst out crying cry

Every night, Huang Ting opens Bixins companion training app, and the message Ding Ding Ding Ding keeps ringing. Click it to see if she has late night service.

Bi Xin Peilian is a game practice platform. At present, there are more than 30 million game player users in China, and more than 3 million game accompanying God certified by the platform. Among them, nearly 1.5 million people have earned income through game skill sharing. They have been invested by IDG capital, and Shanghai net fish net cafe invested by Wang Sicongs Pusi capital is also a shareholder.

However, according to a survey by peoples, under the command of behind the scenes gangs, some female sparring practitioners actively sell late night services to players, mainly video chat and sex services.

Late night service video naked chat price

Accompanying trainer Xu Huiwei has been busy canvassing on the platform.

The guests were called the boss by her. She usually lurks in the comparison platform and takes the initiative to chat up male players. Sometimes the players ask her whether she is serving late at night. She gave herself a price of 188 yuan / 20 minutes for naked video chat, and 388 yuan / 20 minutes for her exposed face.

She repeatedly promised that in the video naked chat between the two sides, the boss can verify whether the real person performs through voice communication and command, I receive a lot of such lists every day. If its a liar, customers will definitely report it on the platform.

To confirm that she is not a liar, she sent a screenshot of her clients wechat. The picture shows that the customer paid her 200 yuan and 188 yuan twice after they communicated with each other by voice.

The peoples daily news reporter contacted two female trainers on the Bixin training platform. After wechat payment, the two men sent videos on their own initiative. In the video, they speak provocative language and do indecent actions.

At first, Chen Wei was just a game trainer. A strange man contacted her on the Bixin training platform and asked her whether she was engaged in video naked chat business and was recommended by customers. She didnt refuse because she didnt want to show her face and make money easily. We all have bosses behind the scenes. They recommend them to my clients. The prices are 150 and 140 yuan. They draw 40 and 50 yuan.

Chen Qing is one of the leaders behind the scenes. She sends pictures of women from all over the world in her circle of friends every day, with suggestive words such as welcome to Nanjing, I have everything you like. She has been lurking in the game platform for half a year, platinum level 4.

According to her introduction, she provided female trainers with services, including night package and fast food, with prices of 5000 yuan and 2500 yuan respectively. She repeatedly promised that she could provide services across the country, and customers would choose people through photos and pay after they were satisfied.

After asking for the address of the peoples network reporter, Chen Qing sent two pictures of the women, asking if they were satisfied, and said that they could arrange people at any time. But she claims that the hotel is not safe, customers can go to the girls home, and the girl must pay a deposit of 100 yuan before going to the customers home. If she is not satisfied, she can also guarantee the girls round-trip travel expenses.

Screenshot of wechat chat: Chen Qing guarantees to provide national service and customers are satisfied with payment

Bixin training platform has been reported for involvement in pornography. On the complaint platform of black cat, a player placed an order in Bixin for two times. The price of one order was 40 yuan for 1 hour and 160 yuan for 4 hours. However, the trainer sent yellow video to him through wechat. I thought the content of the video was disgusting, so I just hung up.

There is a very serious problem with porn in the entertainment field. Wang Qin, a female trainer, said that Huang was also divided into online and offline. Online means that during the live game, the female trainer is exposed in the live broadcast through implicit hints or anchors. Offline mainly depends on the relationship between the trainer and the player, and what happened to the two offline people. Its hard to say. After all, its hard to define whether it involves yellow or not.

Minors are not in the minority

It is not only adults who are lurking in Bixin training, but also minors.

Huang Ting once received a list of Kings glory games on the platform of Bi Xin. The boss is a 13-year-old boy. I heard that his voice was tender and asked him how old he was. He said that he was 13 years old and was still a student in school. She couldnt bear to accept his order after finishing the order.

Huang Ting is at the level of God in the Bi Xin platform, with a single price of 19 Bixin coins, equivalent to nearly 30 yuan of RMB. She wondered where the boys order money came from and why he was able to log in to Bixin training platform. He may play games with adult mobile phones.

There is a youth mode in the training platform. The mode reminds that in order to protect the healthy growth of minors, the platform specially introduces the youth mode, under which some functions cannot be used normally. Ask the guardian to choose actively and set the guardian password.

Huang Ting said that the Bixin training platform is mainly composed of adults. These people are mainly social practitioners and college students, each accounting for half. There are also some junior and senior high school students mixed in the platform, but these people are often in low-cost consumption areas.

Some training platforms are not strict with players age. Wang Qin said that when she was just engaged in the companion industry, there were not many underage players, but now the number is increasing.

He believes that adolescent boys have a natural curiosity about sex. As female trainers increase their game experience, they have great temptation to teenagers, which not only causes them to have extravagant consumption habits, but also may turn into offline dating, which will undoubtedly lead to problems such as early love and early sex.

In addition, the main force of the game industry is junior and senior high school students. Addicted to games and divorced from reality, it is easy to lead to academic waste, and learning frustration will further deepen the sense of self frustration, which may cause immeasurable losses to the future society and family life.

Qi Haifeng, a counselor at Zhonghe psychological consulting studio, believes that teenagers communicate with the opposite sex through pictures, sounds and videos online, which is easy to materialize the opposite sex. The evaluation and communication of the opposite sex from the aspects of beauty, body shape and other aspects can lead to wrong love and Marriage Views for teenagers, which undoubtedly foreshadows sexual crimes.

I dont know what they do in private. Wang Qin, a female trainer, said that on the game training platform, game skills are not important, while sweet voice and beautiful appearance are the most important bargaining indicators. Like the anchor industry, the higher the popularity, the higher the price of accompanying games.

The sparring industry in pursuit of capital needs supervision

The predecessor of this platform is fish bubble.

At that time, there were 12 major categories and 43 minor items in the fish bubble online project, with games and sound player accounting for the vast majority of projects. The game is divided into online and offline games, including popular games, including League of heroes, glory of the king, survival of the Jedi and other games. Sound excellent includes wake-up, coax sleep, voice chat and so on. In addition, the fish bubble also extends to the pan entertainment category, and has launched offline dining, karaoke, love consultation and other skills sharing.

Heart to heart training platform was established in 2014 (original fish bubble APP). At the beginning of 2019, Bixins accompany training service was removed from the shelves, such as emotional consultation, and offline game training service was cancelled.

The accompanying training industry is also rapidly rising under the birth of capital. In 2019, Taobao launched the Taobao sparring channel, and then tentacles, tiger teeth, and fighting fish also launched accompany training business, and the industry competition entered the stage of giant competition. Du Mingjiang, vice president of bixin sparring, once said that game sparring has become a new 10 billion market.

Fan Jingren said that with the rapid development of the game industry and the rapid rise in the number of games, playing with each other has become a fashion. In essence, game accompaniment, like bar accompaniment and KTV accompaniment, is nothing more than improving the users consumption experience accompanied by the opposite sex. If the number of people experiencing increases, corresponding supporting services will naturally appear.

As early as 2016, the former Ministry of Culture issued the 25th batch of investigation and punishment list for illegal Internet cultural activities. Several online live broadcasting platforms, such as Betta, tiger teeth live broadcast and YY, were included in the list for suspected providing Internet cultural products that promote obscenity, violence, abet crimes and endanger social morality.

This year, the state network information office, together with relevant departments, conducted a comprehensive inspection on the content ecology of 31 major domestic live network platforms. Ten of them had problems in disseminating vulgar and vulgar content, and were interviewed and dealt with according to law.

The person in charge of the cultural market department of the former Ministry of culture once said that there were two main types of violations in the online live broadcasting platforms investigated. One was that the live broadcasting platforms for performing arts provided online performances that publicized obscenity, pornography and endangering social morality. Some anchors sexually teased and suggestive through body and language, and there were flash and Sao Mai violations.

The female trainer released the secret code on the Bixin training platform and said that she would provide out of service

I think its mainly drainage. Wang Qin said that in the early development of game platforms, pornographic phenomena were common, and some platforms employed part-time staff to lure other players to download software under the guise of pornography.

A staff member of a well-known social platform said that some game platforms and companies are in the stage of financing and start-up. If the internal and external supervision is stricter, the growth of users will slow down and the revenue will also decline. Some vulgar content appears on social platforms, and they turn a blind eye. No one can guarantee anything when the interests are at the forefront.

To provide late night service, Chen Weis bicin account was blocked.

Chen Wei said that she was trying to attract customers on Bixins training platform. Because she talked too much, her account number had been unable to log in. However, she and her former clients had already transferred to other social platforms and were not worried about the lack of customers.

Wang Qin believes that in the live broadcasting industry, the anchormans improper use of words and exposed clothes may be banned. However, this kind of worry does not exist in the accompany industry. The accompanying trainers can say some provocative language and sexual hints on the platform everywhere.

Zhu Yan believes that in recent years, video games are becoming more and more popular. Game accompanying services not only meet the users deep social needs, but also become the industry sought after by investors. However, the game accompaniment industry has the attribute of Internet supervision, which may breed various forms of criminal acts in the period of savage growth, such as prostitution, fraud, intimidation, gambling, smuggling, extortion and other violations Criminal activities.

The Yellow related issues of Internet platforms are as difficult to eradicate as cockroaches. Xue Jun, vice president of the Law School of Peking University, said that the biggest challenge facing regulation is the large number of illegal activities involving pornography, and the difficulty of effective market supervision.

Zhu Yan said that from the level of national supervision, law enforcement departments such as public security, Internet information, industry and commerce, and procuratorates, courts and other judicial departments are linked to crack down on yellow related issues from law enforcement and judicial aspects. At present, the public security departments have been carrying out relevant net work operations, which have been keeping a high pressure on cracking down on network crimes and yellow related issues.

In addition, industry associations can also restrict the operators of network platforms and related services suspected of violating the law by formulating industry access agreements, formulating industry regulations, and establishing industry credit lists.

Wang Jin believes that the artificial intelligence recognition technology for yellow related content in the live broadcast industry has been relatively mature. Once the technology is introduced into the accompanying game industry, it will also have certain effect on solving the Yellow related problems of the training platform.

(Huang Ting, Xu Huiwei, Chen Wei and Wang Qin are pseudonyms)

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