TVB actress cant play the role of police sister in mainland co production Hong Kong Drama

 TVB actress cant play the role of police sister in mainland co production Hong Kong Drama

Recently, Chen Minzhi denied the accusation of Hong Kong Independence in the live broadcast and expressed his patriotic love for Hong Kong, but it was not accepted by netizens.

On August 28, the patriotic Hong Kong Star Cao Yonglian testified to his friends on his micro blog that Chen Minzhi had not responded for a long time because he was worried that his business in Hong Kong would be damaged by thugs, so he did not doubt her position.

Cao Yonglian and Chen Minzhi

Chen Minzhi has acted in many TVB classic dramas, and was named tightrope Queen by the audience because of her beautiful appearance and slender figure. She once performed in the 2011 drama angry street, and won the best supporting actress award of TVB Wanqian Xinghui award ceremony.

Mo Xianxin as ICAC investigator in the apostle

Lan Jiamei / LAN Jiayi

In the mainland Hong Kong co production drama the hero of Flying Tigers, which just started shooting in July this year, Chen Minzhi originally won the role of the wife of the senior superintendent of the Flying Tigers.

This new series of TVB Flying Tigers police bandits series is a collaboration between mainland video website Youku and Hong Kong Shaos film. It combines the top supporting lineup of Guo Jinan, Ma Dezhong, Miao Qiaowei, Zhang Zhaohui, Wu zhuoxi and Huang Zongze, which makes the TV series attract countless attention since the opening ceremony.

The second row on the left is Chen Minzhi, from @ Zhang Zhaohui

After the opening ceremony, Chen Minzhi and her husband, Zhang Zhaohui, also made a promotional film to build momentum for the play.

But when the shooting started, Chen Minzhis part was replaced by another TVB veteran actor Chen Wei.

Chen Wei plays Shui Huiming, director of Forensic Science in forensic forerunner IV

After the event, the crew and the actors either kept silent or talked about him. Chen Minzhi claimed that it was because of the repeated epidemic in Hong Kongs new crown. She wanted to take care of her son at home, so she took the initiative to resign.

Last year, in Hong Kong, there was a storm of amendment. Chen Minzhi published a cartoon picture of suspected support for thugs on social media.

At that time, the photo did not attract much attention until the news of Chen Minzhi acting as a police sister was disclosed recently. Many just netizens cant accept it: on the one hand, they support the Hong Kong Polices violence against the law, and on the other hand, they act in the TV series of Hong Kong Police punishing and eliminating evils to make money?

And netizens for Chen Minzhis query did not stop because of changing roles, and continued to ask for a positive response.

But this clarification came a little late, so that many netizens did not buy it, thinking that she had to come forward because of the impact of her work. On the other hand, Chen Minzhi was attacked and slandered by the criminals in Hong Kong because of his patriotic attitude.

Seeing that Chen Minzhi was not trusted, many of her friends helped to prove that she was not trusted, including Cao Yonglian, a TVB actor with a high voice among mainland netizens.

Cao Yonglian plays Xiang Zhongren, a senior doctor in the emergency department in wonderful hand benevolence 2

Last year, Cao Yonglian and his wife and daughter participated in the police support activities. After that, he was not only attacked by thugs, but also cut off by four cooperative companies within two days.

When Zhengyi netizens spontaneously boycotted the companies involved, he also called on everyone to show mercy and sympathize with the partners fear of being decorated. His magnanimity won the sincere admiration of netizens.

Cao Yonglian wears a white baseball cap in the lower left corner

Yesterday (28th), Cao Yonglian defended Chen Minzhi on Weibo, explaining that she did not respond immediately after the incident because she was worried that her business in Hong Kong might be damaged by thugs.

With all these words mentioned, and with the famous patriotic artists like Cao Yonglian as the guarantee, although some netizens still think that Chen Minzhi is courting both sides, most people still express their willingness to believe it and hope that she will not only talk about patriotic love Hong Kong, but also put it into action.

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