Meow app Thunderbolt! Thousands of people have invested tens of thousands of thousands of money and lost their money

 Meow app Thunderbolt! Thousands of people have invested tens of thousands of thousands of money and lost their money

Investors come from all over the country and report to their respective regions,

According to the previous media reports, the mutual aid disk of meow app belongs to a typical lying and earning trap, which is essentially a Ponzi scheme. Its like a game of beating drums and passing flowers. The first group of people put in the money, while the people at the back keep making up for the people in front of them, and they still pay with interest. This leads to more and more subsidies, and the amount of money is getting bigger and bigger.

Meow app booking interface. Photos provided by interviewees

Online virtual cat making money

In mid June this year, with the introduction of a friend, Shi Hua learned about an app called meow. Friends said that in the app through the way of virtual cat can make money.

Later, Shihua was drawn into the wechat group called rich cat. In addition to the group owners, others claimed to be investors. The group leader said, you can earn 10000 yuan a month, and suggested that you can get more income by recommending new people.

Shi Hua introduced the case of Himalaya cat. The value of the cat is between 1988 yuan and 5988 yuan. Investors need to make an appointment with cat food. After panic buying, they can only pay for it through WeChat or Alipay.

The so-called cat food is actually equivalent to a virtual currency. Shi Hua said that the initial investors bought cat food from the platform, but they could only buy it from the owner. This is also the platform profit-making method claimed by group owners.

The virtual cats contract yield is 15.5% for seven days. This means that the Himalayan cat will stay in the investors account for seven days after the purchase, during which time the virtual cat will appreciate. After seven days, the system will automatically match the next investor and resell the cat with interest.

At that time, the investors account will receive the principal and 15.5% return income. Take the price of this Himalayan cat for example. After seven days, investors will receive a total of 5775 yuan of principal plus return.

The announcement issued by meow platform on August 12. Photos provided by interviewees

Encounter platform unable to log in suspected runaway

In the first two months, the principal and income of each investment will arrive on time. Liu Ben (not his real name) from Henan Province is also an investor. His experience is basically the same as that of Shi Hua. He joined the investment ranks under the introduction of his friend. He invested more than 4000 yuan for the first time, and gained several hundred yuan after a month.

In the first ten days of August, two new Cats appeared on the platform. Since then, there are often abnormal situations, such as buying but not selling, temporarily unable to log in to the platform, etc. On August 12, the meow app announced that the platform was in the process of transferring the background data of new and old products and would return to normal after the update.

Until August 16, Shi Hua found that the account of meow app could not be logged in, and the 30000 yuan previously invested could not be retrieved. On the same day, many investors found the same situation. I was worried about the risks before, but now we realize that we should have been cheated. Shi Hua said.

In the afternoon of that day, the wechat group of investors Liu Ben joined was dissolved by the group leader. According to the inquiry, the wechat groups joined by other investors have basically been disbanded, and their investment money can not be recovered, and the previous wechat group owners can not be contacted.

At present, this app is no longer available to download.

The investors account in meow app has been unable to log in. Photos provided by interviewees

The police have filed a case for investigation

In a wechat group chat called Zhengzhou, a large group of meow rights protection, the group friends said that the number of victims was as high as 1000, and some people were even cheated hundreds of thousands of yuan.

On August 17, a number of victims went to Songshan Road branch of Zhengzhou public security bureau to report the case. On August 27, the police of the sub Bureau told the Beijing news that the police were investigating, collecting evidence and determining the nature of the case. At present, they are still receiving new reports. This case involves many places in the country, and we have been accepting it..

According to previous media reports, the meow app claims that the money making mode is mutual help plate. Generally speaking, a calls out the money and B calls back. For example: a calls out 10000 yuan, and the money stays outside for a few days. The background system will match with B or C, D, e and then call back. Although it is not sure who will call back the money, the returned money has at least 1000 yuan of interest every day. The principal and interest returned need to be paid out by B or C, D, e. the more people behind, the more money the former will make.

Xiaobang (pseudonym), who has been engaged in network security for many years, mentioned in an interview with the media that the mutual aid disk of Miaomiao app is a typical lying and earning trap. The essence of mutual aid plate is a Ponzi scheme. It is like a game of beating drums and passing flowers. The first group of people put money in, while the people behind keep making up for the people in front of them, and they still make up for the money with interest, which leads to more and more compensation. But what they dont know is whether they belong to the first few batches, whether the money can be returned, and when the boss will run away.