110 projects signed in Beijing market of Beiying Festival, totaling 33 billion yuan

 110 projects signed in Beijing market of Beiying Festival, totaling 33 billion yuan

According to reports, a total of 21 enterprises and institutions have come to power to sign contracts for key projects.

Bank of Beijing and poly film Investment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to provide poly film Investment Co., Ltd. with an intentional credit of RMB 1 billion and a package of financial services, to support its theater operation, and to help poly film to be a boutique cinema operator, a producer of featured content, a provider of science and technology entertainment, and a media provider of film culture.

Hebei runyongming Industrial Co., Ltd. and yishijie (Beijing) science and technology culture Co., Ltd. signed the project of immersive film and television role experience hall, which is the first immersive film theme role experience hall in China. It is positioned as the key project of cultural tourism project in national rural complex.

The markets innovative exploration of peoples viewing behavior was also reflected in the signing ceremony. Bird watching and reader media signed the reader cinema project, and both sides carried out strategic cooperation on reader University and bird watching u00b7 future city; Jiecheng Huashi netju Cultural Media Co., Ltd. and Luxi Technology Development Co., Ltd. carried out Luci to fuel 5g era - build 5g + ultra high definition and VR view Shadow new ecology cooperation signed.

After the signing of the contract, Yang Shuo, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television, and vice chairman and Secretary General of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, announced that the signing amount of this years Beijing market was 33.089 billion yuan.