Nominated for the 35th Hundred Flowers Award: Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Ziyi competing for film queen

 Nominated for the 35th Hundred Flowers Award: Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Ziyi competing for film queen

Im not the God of the earth and my countrys medicine

Best actor nominations: Xiao Yang (Li Weijie in mistakenly killed), Zhang Yi (Gao Yuan in I and my motherland), Zhang Hanyu (Liu Changjian in China captain), Zhou Runfa (painter in matchless), and Huang Xiaoming (Jiang Liwei in Fire Hero).

Best actress nominations: Zhang Jingchu (Ruan Wen in matchless), Zhou Dongyu (Chen Nian in young you), Zhang Ziyi (Xu Ying in the climber), Hui Yinghong (sister Lian in I and my motherland), and Tan Zhuo (Yu in mistakenly killed).

Best screenwriter nominees: Yu bravery, Chen Guohui (screenwriter of the movie Fire Hero), Lin Yongchen, Li Yuan, Xu Yimeng (screenwriter of the film young you), jiaozi (screenwriter of the film Nezhas devil child comes), Gong Ge, Yan Dongxu, Guo fan, ye Junce, Yang Zhixue, Wu Jin, ye Ruchang, Shen Jingjing (screenwriter of wandering earth), Han Jianv and Zhong Wei I am not the God of medicine.

Best Supporting Actor Nominees: Wang Chuanjun (LV Huiye in Im not the God of Medicine), Wang Luoyong (an Wenbin in I and my motherland), Jing bairan (Li Guoliang in the climber), Yin Xiaotian (Wei Lei in the movie Fire Hero) and Qin Pei (song en in the movie kill by mistake).

Best supporting actress nominations: Feng Wenjuan (Wu Xiuqing in matchless), Qu Ni Ziren (Black Peony in climber), Yang Zi (Wang Lu in Fire Hero), Wu Yue (Zhou Lei in young you), Yuan Quan (BI Nan in Chinese captain).

In addition, the hundred flower awards also announced that Liu Haoran will be the image ambassador of this year; the film festival will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province from September 24 to September 26, and the highly concerned final evaluation and award ceremony will be elected by 101 audience judges on September 26.

It is reported that the main activities of this years Film Festival include the opening ceremony, special film exhibition, China Film Forum, film artists going to the grassroots level, etc. Films such as Im not the God of medicine, White Snake: Origin, loess land and the Yellow River in love will be shown during the exhibition.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952