Lovers chat record: ah, Ma Bao man cant marry, Ma Bao womans lethality is more terrible

 Lovers chat record: ah, Ma Bao man cant marry, Ma Bao womans lethality is more terrible

However, because of my love at first sight, my appreciation of his character and ability, as well as his considerate care for me and his tolerance for my emotional character, we are still together.

Love life is sweet and happy, but still because he can not bear the pressure to break up, but he has not given up.

I dare not to leave my home. After the epidemic, back to the unit, we were confused and ambiguous.

I dont think its easy to meet someone I like. Im ready to fight for this love with my family. I didnt expect such a thing to happen.

The day before yesterday, I called my mother for three hours, but she still didnt agree. I cried bitterly and was seen by him. It may be that he suppressed the grievance of not being recognized for a long time, as well as the heartache of my dilemma. He sent a message to my mother without authorization, asking her not to interfere with my love excessively, consider my mental state, dont force me, if its not suitable, we will divide ourselves Open, the tone is stiff.

When my mother sent me a text message, I was shocked. I felt that this was impulsive, mindless, and disrespectful to my parents. It was impossible for me to appreciate what he could do.

I am very chaotic now. His behavior has exposed his immaturity, steadiness and lack of ability to deal with problems. Is it worth my further efforts for him?

Cold love reply:

The most interesting thing about choosing this story is that the parents didnt agree with the hostess to be with her boyfriend. The hostess called her mother for three hours and cried bitterly, but her mother still didnt agree.

The word five thunders is really interesting.

She said she was in a terrible mess.

In this chaos, there is a kind of anger at other peoples actions. This kind of anger is what I cant do, my own incompetence, which is easily broken by the other party. this boy challenges the authority in her heart, so she feels that the other party is impulsive and has no emotional intelligence.

In the face of the moment when her own inherent order was broken, the girls brain had two views in confrontation

One point of view is that the boy is immature, not steady, no EQ and disrespectful.

Another point of view is that this boy who fell in love with her at first sight is considerate, caring, tolerant, moral, capable and appreciative. His love life is sweet and happy.

The two points of view were so contradictory that she could not make her own decision.

In my opinion, this matter is actually very simple. We only need to look at one thing to know the answer: the body will not cheat, the feeling will not cheat, and the happiness will not cheat.

This is the simplest answer.

Another criterion is: parents are always their own parents. No matter who she is with, even if their parents disagree, they are still their own parents.

However, if you lose the person who fell in love at first sight, in essence, you will have no relationship with the other party.

In addition, we should also see that the housewives do not agree. It is not only that they think that the boys family conditions are not good and that he has no connections, but that the boy has a kind of wild. He comes to rob his daughter at first sight. If his daughter runs away with this man in the future, Im afraid he will never be manipulated by himself.

This is the most frightening thing for the womens parents. Their disagreement is more for the sake of maintaining their own rule and order, rather than just a matter of basic conditions.

Because this boy has been able to meet the basic conditions of buying a house and a car.

In the description of the female owner, the word can only be satisfied is still used.

How about a little worse economic conditions?

To be able to buy a house, buy a car and get married has reached the basic conditions.

In the final analysis, what the female parents fear is the loss of control!

We can also see this from the performance of this girl. When her parents disagree with their feelings, the girl still cried and begged with her mother for three hours. At this time, in the eyes of her parents, the girls buttocks have been tilted, and the balance in her heart has been biased towards the love relationship.

So her parents got even more upset.

Thats why the more parents are against it, young couples will stick more tightly like 502 glue.

In fact, I think such a boy is very interesting, he at least dare to challenge authority.

Whats more, there was an interesting paragraph in the chat record. He said: the starting point is to hold injustice for you. Its not just your mother. I dare to tell him that if you are wronged, you cant do it..

This is a mans desire to protect women. Whats the problem?

Maybe his speech is not smooth enough, or his speech is not thoughtful enough, but at least the courage of this starting point, if true, is also worthy of praise.

A woman, looking for a man who can stand up and protect himself, is what should be done.

I once said at the creation meeting:

In a good relationship, we can influence others at most, but we can never change others.

One day, when I was having dinner with an investor, I had an interesting argument about a topic.

A few years ago, our company just established a brand-new business model in the emotional industry, which was groundbreaking in the whole industry. Therefore, many investors chatted with me, and this lady is one of them, which I have never forgotten.

Because of her privacy, I dont disclose her specific information.

It can be seen that she has a lot of experience and is very experienced in the field of venture capital.

At that time, we were eating hot pot, hoping to sing songs and chatting happily.

As a result, at the end of the business model conversation, she suddenly asked me a question.

What is your mission and vision? she said

In fact, this is one of the questions investors often ask entrepreneurs.

Of course, we have thought about this issue many times.

Then she asked me a question, and she said, how can you help them?

It was this sentence that suddenly exploded after she heard it.

Although I respect you and the business model youve created, I cant accept that, she said.

I said, why cant we accept that love is an ability to learn?

She said: love, should be God destined, unique, is two people really have fate to be together..

At that time, I found that this view or this sentence offended many people.

For example, love is a kind of ability that can be learned, but love also includes the meeting of two people, the fate of two people or so on.

For example, intimacy itself can be learned, and there should also be a part to learn, but this does not prevent two people from meeting is a certain predestined fate.

This is a unity of opposites.

Of course, I was young and vigorous at that time, and I didnt tell her about it. The meal was not very pleasant at the end.

On the whole, I immediately realized that there are a lot of people who have their own ideas about love, and different peoples ideas cant be changed.

If I had been replaced by me today, I would immediately give her a recognition, and I would ask her, well, if you think this sentence offends you, what do you think can be learned?

In fact, about this sentence, she also has some identification. She thinks that when two people have a conflict, they can learn some communication skills.

But in my opinion, communication is only part of intimacy.

Its impossible to convince a person with a point of view, belief, or cognitive system that is completely different from us.

And I believe that its up to people.

Some people may believe in destiny, while I believe in growth. These are two completely different mindsets.

Everyone has different views. We have no way to change others. Maybe we can only influence each other slowly in the connection with each other.

The other party may not agree with our point of view, but when we do the right thing, he will see facts that are different from his view, and these facts may affect him.

Speaking of this, I cant help but think of an example that happened in our creation meeting.

Then I asked her, how do you listen, headphones or out?

She said, put it out..

I said, my God, this is a conversation at the scene of an accident..

Think about it. If a man doesnt believe that intimacy needs to be learned, and his wife is still listening to another mans nagging every day, he must be very upset.

Isnt that what we call black?

So, what I want to say is: in such a scene, I hope you can respect others and yourself. If you want to listen, you can bring a headset, or you can listen to it on the way to and from work.

I hope that what I create is to help you grow up, help you become better people, and help you manage your relationship better.

I think that there will be many conflicts between two people. We can roughly divide the conflicts into two aspects: those that can be solved and those that cannot be solved.

Some conflicts that can be resolved are usually technical and factual.

Some unresolved conflicts are often at the viewpoint level or even the belief level.

As for the unsolvable conflicts, dont try to change them. We ask for similarities while reserving differences, and we can do it slowly.