The rescue workers cried bitterly: never seen such a tragedy

 The rescue workers cried bitterly: never seen such a tragedy

The other four thought it was too high to challenge.

According to the data, the total height of the waterfall is 410 meters, and the lowest layer is 130 meters.

The drop is big and the flow is very fast.

Even though it was very difficult, the two decided to give it a try.

This attempt made many people extremely worried.

The other four men saw with drones that two were trapped in the middle of the waterfall.

The situation is critical.

At 2:00 a.m. on the 24th, the rescue team immediately launched the rescue after receiving the news.

The rescue is very difficult, said Wang Yi, leader of the blue sky rescue team

The water and fog are very big.

Even if the rescue workers wear professional equipment, they can not see the situation in the waterfall.

2. The trapped donkey friend is in a disadvantageous position.

Their bodies hang half way up the waterfall.

It is very difficult to lift up due to the strong impact of current.

At 17:30 on August 25, more than 40 hours had passed since they were trapped.

Unfortunately, they were confirmed dead.

Afterwards, rescue workers said:

Its the first time Ive seen such a tragedy.

Being hit by a rock is all over the body.

Two fresh lives, say no, No.

Some people like to take risks and explore nature.

Its their freedom.

But there is a price to risk.

This cost is often beyond the reach of ordinary people.

His friend failed to contact the police for help.

A human remains were found in the pool.

On August 25, after DNA comparison and family confirmation, the remains were confirmed as Li.

There is a poem and a distance in everyones heart.

Li is no exception.

According to his friend, he is a very frugal man.

I spend very little money every day, and sometimes I do volunteer work to make money.

After his parents divorced, he lived with his father and stepmother.

In March, he resigned.

With 40000 yuan to start a cycling tour around China.

On June 16, he entered Hoh Xil on a single bike.

Ideal is plump, reality is very bony.

Its windy outside and the sleeping bag is too hot to bear, he said

It can be seen that he did not do enough homework.

Its an adventure.

On July 6, he posted a circle of friends.

I heard the wolf cry yesterday. No wonder the wolf called the ditch.

Unexpectedly, this became his last circle of friends.

Hoh Xil, life zone.

A walk away outdoor adventure became a fatal journey.

And this tragedy is not the first time.

A rescue worker said:

Despite many announcements, tourists still break in.

Loss of contact or seeking help frequently occurs, sometimes more than 10 times a year.

On July 7, Huang arrived in Golmud.

At 8:00, take a taxi to Hoh Xil sonandaj protection station.

And then lost contact.

Until July 30, Huang was found.

After preliminary investigation, homicide was ruled out.

Huangs parents were very sad when they heard the news.

As a father who lost his beloved child,

At this moment, my mother and I are deeply grieved.

Children are gifts from heaven,

Cherish her, love her and protect her.

Let this kind of tragedy never happen again.

Having worked hard to raise her child, she left without saying a word.

The biggest pain in the world is that the white hair gives the black hair.

Her grandfather, 72, didnt know about her loss.

My grandfather would call her from time to time, but he didnt get through.

My grandfather said to himself:

When we left school,

Tell us not to go home this summer vacation,

Ill come back next spring festival.

When people are there, they always think there is a chance.

Now, grandfather cant wait for his granddaughter to come back.

Zhuangzi once said: those who are good at riding fall on horses; those who are good at water drown in water; those who are good at drinking are drunk in wine; those who are good at fighting die in killing.

People always fall in the field they are good at.

The price of this heel is often to pay life.

May 12, in Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie.

An an, a female pilot in wing suit, deviated from the planned route and lost contact during the flight.

Source: Beijing News

The rescue team tried every means to search for seven days and seven nights.

Finally found ANN, but unfortunately, she has no vital signs.

A young life, so fell.

She once said, extreme sports give me the courage to face death and pain more peacefully, and let me constantly have a new understanding and understanding of my life.

How well the girl lives, now, all of a sudden stop.

We have no right to judge right or wrong, only regret.

But what about her grieving parents?

I didnt expect the accident to come so soon.

Most of the time, you think the future is long. If you are not careful, you will never meet again.

Graham Dickinson fell during wing training.

Leaving his fiancee alone.

A netizen said:

I didnt know it until I was crying with his fiancee,

Live better for those who love us.

Accidents and tomorrow, we dont know which one will come first.

Only live well, for ourselves, for the people who love us.

Some people say that extreme sports are very desirable.

For example, challenge waterfall, no mans land riding, wing mounted flight and so on.

You can like it. No one else has the right to stop it.

But you have to know that trying extreme sports means signing life and death..

People who have an accident are playing with their lives.

Of course, I hope that everyone who makes a choice can finally reap the miracle.

But what if?

You let go.

The rest of the mess, but parents to help you clean up.

Is this fair to them?

Now, tragedies have happened, and the results cannot be changed.

For this kind of event, we should all see its warning.

All hobbies and dreams should be carried out under the premise of cherishing life.

Adventure is valuable, but life is more valuable.

Compared with beautifying and praising poetry and distance.

I hope that every young man can do it. Dont let others use their lives to pay for your willfulness.


Only live well,

In order to see a better landscape, life has unlimited possibilities;

Only live well,

We must remind more people to cherish life and revere nature!

Author: Ling Yi