Meet Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei: love you is the only answer

 Meet Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei: love you is the only answer


I saw some netizens who have been punching in this radio play for two years. Im saying, how are you, Xia Fei? Xia Fei, he has left Zhang Qingkai for eight years, four months and three days. I can understand Zhang Qingkais mood of counting the days every day. Xia Fei seems to have never left, just quietly in a corner of the world. I cant bear to separate Zhang Qingkai from Xia Fei. In order to be together, they have faced too much finger pointing and too much gossip. All people are in love. Why should others object?


So I saw people say answer or something. Im particularly curious about what this has to do with answers.. Late at night, I couldnt help searching. It turned out that day was the pre-sale of Wu Zhes answer. The answer is the physical book of bamboo, wood, wolf and horse. Naturally, there is Zhang Qingkai missing you. Its my turn to buy later. Its already a thousand miles away. This doesnt have a big impact on me. I havent read any other novels by Wu Zhe. I havent even seen bamboo, wood, wolf and horse. I just want a letter to Xia Fei.


There should be three different versions of the letter to Xia Fei. Others, it seems that we can do with and without. Whether this is true or not, its a buy corn and return a pearl to the letter. You dont pay it back. Keep it. The world is so big that it can hold him and Xia Fei for a lifetime. The world is also very small and cant hold another person. Even if Zhang Qingkais mother has accepted the status quo, Zhang Qingkai likes both men and women. But, sorry. Theyre not Xia Fei. Thats fine. It is enough to have loved and been loved.


Its a happy thing to have a person who can think for a lifetime. Therefore, Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei are lucky. Because they met each other. Until Xia Fei died, Zhang Qingkai had not been able to take him to see Xifu Begonia. Therefore, we will not know the difference between Xifu Begonia and cherry blossom. But Zhang Qingkai opened a book, because Xia Fei likes to read books and bask in the sun. Zhang Qingkai even imagined that when he was reading and in the sun, Xia Fei was by his side. Even if its just for a minute and a second, its OK.

Thanks for CV skys good summer fly, I will write it down after my mood is stable. After listening to this radio play, I have been looking at the ceiling in silent tears. Moved by, there is this kind of transcendence of life and death. Missing is already a habit and a part of life. As long as Zhang Qingkai is in the city, he will buy a bunch of roses every day. Its been 14 years, sooner or later, it hasnt changed. After moving, I stayed in the same florist for five years. Because the little girl handed him the rose and said with a smile, I wish you happiness.


I wish you happiness is the love between Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei. Forever, forever. In bamboo, wood, wolf and horse, there are answers