White moonlight: in a runaway marriage, men and women will only end up losing both

 White moonlight: in a runaway marriage, men and women will only end up losing both


In white moonlight, Zhang Yi began to be manic and depressed after he discovered the existence of a third party. The whole persons condition was so bad that she didnt know it? But emotional management has been abandoned. So you have to understand that her collapse in the car was not for nothing. Zhang Yi knows that his daughter is smiling. It would frighten the little girl, but she couldnt manage so much. Its not even clear what to do next. Such a successful career woman is still a bronze in marriage. And the game is coming to an end.


The woman who deliberately approached her was the hidden third. Its just because Liu mintao cant be an ordinary person, so youre waiting for her to turn black. If she doesnt show her true colors, on the contrary, you think you have such a bad eye. Well, as you wish. This is also why Zhang Yue played Lin Youyou, and was scolded in the street. Like a rat in the street, it cant live in the world. But Liu mintao is not the same slag, but people can accept it. Such double standards are somewhat excessive. Zhang Yi, its no surprise that you were moved by her cheese.


The besieged city fell down in front of Zhang. Zhang Xin looked at her innocently, which was not what he wanted. But it does happen. If so, please let it be. This man, on the surface, is a family cook. In fact, I have an ambiguous relationship with many women, and my familys money has been unconsciously given to other women. Is this the welfare of a family cook? What do you want Zhang Yi to do? When you dont go to work, you stare at your husband all the time? No divorce, and then drag with Zhang Xin. At the end, see who cant make it. Who is the first to surrender.


Some people say that the name white moonlight has something to do with Zhang Ailing. Zhang Ailing said in red rose and white rose: a man marries a red rose. Over time, the red one changes into a smear of mosquito blood on the wall, while the white one is bright moonlight before bed; if he marries a white rose, the white one is a rice stick on his clothes, while the red one is a cinnabar mole on his heart. It has to be admitted that this sentence is a classic among the classics. The truth and cruelty of human nature are broken. Then, Zhang Yi was a smear of mosquito blood on the wall and a rice stick on his clothes.


A harmonious and happy marriage, even if its a little noisy, is fun. How can there be no contradiction in a home? Any trifle can be the source of a quarrel. But husband and wife should adjust together on the basis of understanding. Let things go better, not let them get worse. Out of control marriage, that is the most terrible. What you say and dont say or do is wrong. How can you communicate? The most thorough solution is divorce. No divorce? Is it better to live than to die?


Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin finally divorced. The feelings of those years, even more impermanent than cloud curling and cloud relaxing