Panther Bosman: ten years on the bench, making several films at the end of cancer

 Panther Bosman: ten years on the bench, making several films at the end of cancer

Chadwick Bosman

Bosmans Twitter account announced the news of his death and revealed some information that had never been disclosed before: in fact, Bosman diagnosed stage III colon cancer in 2016, and has been fighting the disease for the past four years, and then developed to stage IV. During this period, he made films such as the Panther, Marshall, the 21 bridges, the blood five, and the Avengers 3 and 4. The film that has been shot but has not yet been released is the twist of mareni. The film was filmed during countless surgeries and chemotherapy. Its a glorious career to be able to play the real-life king tezara. His family said in a statement that he is a true fighter, thank you for your love and prayers, and ask for continued respect for their privacy in this difficult time.

Many peoples impressions of Bosman come from the panther in Marvels movies. The manway film Panther has made a global box office revenue of 1.3 billion US dollars, which is regarded as one of the milestones of black films. The film has won seven Oscar nominations, and its achievements are dazzling both for Superhero films and for the whole film history. He also won the award of the 44th peoples Choice Award as a man of the year for this work, and won the honor of time magazines most influential person in the world. Although Bosman is one of the top stars in Hollywood with the film the Panther, who would have thought that he had been on the bench for 10 years, when the film Panther was released, it was already 40 years old.

Outside the camera, Bosman is not an extrovert, even a little shy. His calm temperament and clean and penetrating eyes are always unforgettable. He was asked what his life motto was? He said he didnt know how to express it in words.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in November 1977, Bosman is undoubtedly a Xueba. After graduating from high school, he studied at Howard University in Washington, D.C., with a bachelors degree in fine arts. Later, he entered the drama academy in Oxford. At first, Bosman wanted to be a writer and director. He spent a lot of time studying African American history at the research center in Harlem, New York, but he finally decided to be an actor. After graduation, he had no family background. As a black actor, it was not easy for him to gain a foothold in Hollywood. Over the past few years, Bosmans career has not improved except in a variety of films and TV plays. On average, he received only one work in four years, so he had to rely on other professions to make a living.


In retrospect, his career turning point should be in 2013, starring in legend 42. He played the first black player in the history of major league baseball, which impressed many audiences. Three years later, in Captain America 3: Civil War, we saw Bosman playing the Panther on the big screen. Bosman didnt let people down. Although he didnt appear in many parts, he vividly showed the mysterious black superhero to the audience.

Still photo of legend 42.

Bosman once said that playing a role in a movie is both a challenge and a pleasure: I want to play a different role every time. Its something I insist on, and Ive been accumulating. So its a challenge to find new ways to perform, to find ways to improve, and not to lower standards.

At present, Panther 2 is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2022. It has been revealed that it is preparing to shoot, but Bosmans death makes many fans think that the Kingdom of vacanda has fallen.


Marvel superheroes mourn Panther

Captain USA: its a devastating heartbreak

Chris Evans and Chadwick Bosman

Captain surprise brie Larson wrote on social media: Chadwick was a man who had delivered the spirit of strength and peace. He had lived for him alone. He had taken time to care for others and encouraged others when they were upset. Im honored to have these memories of being with him. The conversation, the laughter. My heart is with you and your family. You will always be remembered, not forgotten. Rest in peace, my friend

A picture of Captain surprise (brie Larson) mourning and a group photo with Chadwick Bosman.

Eagle eye Jeremy Reiner also expressed his heartbreak: Chadwick is an inspiration to me, a warrior with a good heart, I will never forget. I was so heartbroken by his death that I sent my love to the bosmans. Rest in peace.

Starlord Chris Patra praised Chadwick Bosmans talent: pray to Chadwicks family and those who love him. The world will miss his amazing talent. God, please rest his soul

Don Chandler, the war machine, expressed his remembrance: I will miss you, my brother, who was born on the same day as me. You will always be the light in my heart, my beloved brother, my God, forever.

Mark rufalo, the Hulk, wrote: it is my highest privilege to work with you and to meet you. What a generous and serious man. You believe in the sanctity of your work and give everything to it. My love to your family, to all of us.

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