How to use the circle of friends to successfully catch up with a boyfriend? Experience post

 How to use the circle of friends to successfully catch up with a boyfriend? Experience post

A lovelorn girl, frequently make some remarks, she did not want to express anything, just hope that the person can see.

Therefore, if you have a boy you like and dont know how to express your love, you should first use the circle of good friends to make him feel good for you and make a subtle conceptual transition. When the time is right, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

What content does the circle of friends post to attract his attention and form a good impression?

Thats what were going to focus on today.

First of all, lets talk about what we cant send in the circle of friends, so as not to dig a hole for ourselves.

First, the frequency of updating a circle of friends should not be too high. It should be controlled at four or five points per day.

Fifth, dont say that you are boring in the circle of friends, even if you are really bored, you should have a positive look;

Sixth, dont forward any small video in the circle of friends, even if its really funny, or he will think that you have taste problems, and even generation gap;

Seventh, dont easily roll cats in the circle of friends, because not all boys like cats.

Well, after that, lets talk about what we can publish.

First: work

Dont say a lot of words, throw a picture with an expression is very good, it seems that you are busy, and do not adhere to the work of people.

Your working environment is a part of his understanding of your daily life, so show your attitude in work as much as possible. You should not only express that you are not a strong woman, but also willing to make money seriously.

Many examples show that men want girls to be able to support themselves.

Second: sports

You can take fitness photos, but dont take pictures of yourself. Just take pictures of the environment. Even if its running, only take pictures of the scenery.

Because, you are not talking about online love, he has long known about your appearance and body, you just need to present a good state. At the same time, other occasions do not send selfie, no man will like his girlfriend, be judged by others.

Because he doesnt know who you have in your correspondence, and hes not sure that youre shooting it to him. If he thinks youre photographing someone else, youll be dead.

Third: life

Kitchen, bedroom, choose a good angle to take some, try to decorate carefully, to express the strong love of home atmosphere.

You can take pictures when you go out to eat with your best friend, but you should ask your friends permission and revise your picture for her. At this time, you can enter the camera and let him know your social intercourse in this way.

The richer the part of life is displayed, the more he knows about you. However, dont swipe the screen and master the rhythm.

Do not send good night, will let people feel you are very lonely, also do not read fragmentary, send some chicken soup of the soul, let people feel that you are not mature.

You can send some reading comprehension, comments on popular movies, etc., show some of your own views, and let him know what your hobbies are.

If you know what he likes, you can focus on it, not to please, but to understand each other, let him know, what he likes, you also like.

Fifth: independence

Let him know that you can handle some things independently, including work and life, such as the recently conquered customers and some things repaired by yourself, which can be released to the circle of friends.

This kind of behavior can let you express that you are not sticky to others. You can take care of yourself and take care of him.

Although it looks a little low spirited, but who makes you like him? Catch up with him first.

Sixth: temperament

Good temperament can make anyone feel good about you, but the cultivation of temperament is not done by material. It mainly depends on what kind of personality you release.

For example, if you are a funny girl, the things you post are very similar to jokes; if you are a straight girl, you like to evaluate others; if you are a princess, you like to complain that there are too many people crowded in the subway today. wait.

But in the circle of friends, dont express these things. You should show a gentle side and have a certain style at the same time. These are reflected in the details.

For example, taking good pictures is also a skill, which means that you are not casual. Dont send the pasted photos.

In short, a girls temperament can be reflected in a few words: wisdom, Xian, ya, GUI, Tian, run, SA.

As for how to perform, it depends on what you encounter in your life, such as expensive. Its not about luxury goods, its not about sun drying. Its a small thing, and we should also pursue quality.

The above is what you need to show in the circle of friends. It is worth noting that you should not set the circle of friends to be visible for three days, or even AIT him, let alone praise each of his circle of friends. Order once every two or three days to let him know that you are paying attention.

When the circle of friends shows off, you feel that he knows enough about you, and you can try to express yourself. All these pavements will improve your success rate and let you catch him. Blessing!

Author: Feng Xiaoyi

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