Joan Chan Allen: love really needs courage. Lets talk about a brotherhood without breaking up

 Joan Chan Allen: love really needs courage. Lets talk about a brotherhood without breaking up


Older leftover women, this is a sensitive word. Chen Qiaoen has been making love in the drama, but he has always been single in real life. This contrast may make people crazy. Participate in variety show, met prince charming Allen. But the fans didnt agree. They thought the man was too playful. But anyway, its good to be single-minded with Chen Jon. Once upon a time, who didnt have his own love experience. But they are all past tense. They meet the right people at the right time and in the right place. As a result, everything becomes more meaningful. Although, its also a love affair.


Others dont like it, but Jon Chen and Allen still love each other regardless. Each of them is busy. Fortunately, the communication equipment is very developed. So time, space and so on are not problems. Do you know what I feel most when I see their daily love? Although Allen is a brother, but in this relationship, he is like a brother protecting and doting on Chen Jon. Chen Qiao En is like a happy little princess, that sweet smile is the best proof of this relationship. A woman in love cannot hide her happiness.


Wandering in the emotional world for these years, also see through the love and hate of friends around. Sister brother love, or the sister brother love between stars and ordinary people -- how difficult is it to maintain? How much pressure will be faced? I believe both Jon Chan and Allen know it. Do you know you cant do it, but still do it? Its full trust in the relationship, full understanding of the person. Also have a full grasp of their own, no matter what they encounter can go hand in hand. I like this firm, love really needs courage. So, welcome all the wind and rain.

On August 25, Ellen showed a picture of Chen and Qiao En, wishing his girlfriend a happy Chinese Valentines day. For this Chinese Valentines day, the two also made time to go out to sea. Two people can not say strange things before they try. After all, opportunities have to be created. Chen Qiaoen is full of young girls sense of wearing the trademark ball head, and there is no violation of the sense of harmony when he is taken with Allen, 9-year-old. Chen Qiao En also basks out the gift that Ellen prepares for her, unexpectedly is a big bunch of cherries! There is also a card on which the most earthy love word Chang AI is written.


Chen added, isnt it that Malaysia doesnt know what Tanabata is? Tut Tut, this coquettish is more than dog food. Malaysia doesnt know what Tanabata is, but because of you. Therefore, the Chinese Valentines day has such a romantic love confession. Are you satisfied? How many romantic surprises has Chen had since he fell in love with Allen? We cant count it, let alone the master Chen in love. Someone said: Jon Chen is so lucky that he met true love after he was 40 years old. Rather, it is the result of her not giving up love.