Its a pity that the Panther died of illness. It was reported that the wedding ceremony was planned this year

 Its a pity that the Panther died of illness. It was reported that the wedding ceremony was planned this year

It is understood that Chadwick Bosman was diagnosed with colorectal cancer as early as 2016. For four years, he has been brave and strong in fighting against the disease, and even completed his shooting work with dedication while taking chemotherapy during the filming of Panther.

According to the timeline, he was diagnosed with cancer the year he entered the release of Marvels first film, Team America 3. He was shot during his illness. In April 2018, he was named the most influential person in the world in 2018 by time magazine. His enthusiasm for acting deeply moved everyone People.

Disneyland and marvel first issued a lament: our hearts are broken, we are with Chadwick Bodman. Your legend will live forever, rest in peace

Captain of the United States, Chris Evans, also wrote, I feel a great shock, far more than heartache. Chadwick is special. Hes a real creator. He is a fairly determined and always curious artist. There is still a lot of outstanding work to be done. I am grateful for our friendship. Rest in peace, king.

What makes fans sad is that it was only in October last year that Chadwick Bosman was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Simone, and plans to hold a wedding this year.

Fans who are familiar with him know that Chadwick Bosman has been in love with his girlfriend Taylor Simon for many years. Taylor Simon, a singer, met in 2015 and recorded a program together in 2017. In 2018, when her grandmother was interviewed, she accidentally exposed her granddaughters love. The two made their first public appearance at the actors Union awards ceremony in 2019, followed by his girlfriend Taylor at every awards ceremony since.

Foreign media sources have pointed out that in fact, the two had planned to hold a wedding this year, but they had to postpone the plan because of Chadwicks poor health.

Chadwick and Taylor met soon after the detection of cancer, but his girlfriend has always been with him, very moving. I hope that Taylor and Chadwicks family can be strong through todays difficult stage. May the Panther rest in peace forever, and there is no pain in heaven!