Cheng Lu cue: so make complaints about a talk show next time.

 Cheng Lu cue: so make complaints about a talk show next time.


A while ago, I learned that Cheng Lu and Si Wen were divorced. This news was a little shocking. Its no surprise, but its still a pity. Two interesting souls, in fact, can be accompanied by each other. But if the marriage has become a joke, there will be less respect and less tolerance. Sixty or seventy of them make complaints about Tucao? Do you want to make complaints about others and make others happy? Well, it seems that the difficulty is a little high. Siwen and Cheng Lu call themselves special husband and wife, but they always return to human nature. Make complaints about marriage.


Tucao is a special thing to make complaints about. Divorce is not necessarily the case. Did not Siwens mood be affected by that competition? The theme of the marriage was chosen mainly because there was still something to say, she said. But it turns out that this emotion can drive you to speak, but it can also make you speechless. Therefore, if we choose not to talk about this topic, we will withdraw from the competition And because Im at a very low stage myself, very tired. Thats why Im too tired to carry on.


So, this time Cheng Lu was cue thinking again on the same occasion - I dont think its very good. But maybe its a natural habit for them. This time, whats the story? Cheng Lu said: when he married with Sven, he held a conference on Tucao, and said before joking, make complaints about divorce. Later, Cheng Lu also asked Siwen for her opinion. She said that she would forget it. After all, she still wanted to write a manuscript and didnt want to create any more. Later, Cheng Lu also said, wait until the time of remarriage. What do you mean? Do you want Siwen to remarry?

I even hate it when people say this ambiguity. If, Sven thinks its a joke. You dont have to worry about it. You can pull it down after listening to it. What if Sven thinks its serious? Does she want to think more about whether she agrees or refuses to remarry? But the other side in public places to make such a statement, take their own divorce, take their ex-wife as obstruction, do jokes. Is that make complaints about the bottom line and no principles? Some topics, I think, cant be touched. Siwen cant talk about marriage and quit the competition directly.


Well, why should we be serious? Make complaints about make complaints about vomit. (article / Piaoyu Tung) wait until the time of remarriage. Cheng Lus words also rushed to re search. Is this the kind of talk show he wants, or does he want Sven to think about it? Maybe they know it best. The two husband and wife like brothers should have their own heart and soul. As for divorce to buy a house, is that too much? This talk show in the form of teasing, netizens expressed their heartache for Cheng Lu. No, no, no, the one I love more is Siwen!

Talk show, is it really just talk?