Smile every day | teachers regret

 Smile every day | teachers regret

As soon as he heard the name, a short, chubby boy appeared in front of his eyes and said, I have an impression. What he wrote at that time was dry and had no imagination! Teacher Liu said, wrong, I just know that his imagination is amazing.

Mr. Liu shook his head. No, he is the spokesman of our city now.

Several students are puzzled, which has nothing to do with imagination.

Liu sighed and said, at that time, a newly built bridge in the city collapsed, and the public questioned the quality of the bridge. Facing the camera, Yang gangsen said that the car driving on the bridge was overloaded and collapsed. The bridge is OK. Later, a high-rise building under construction in the city collapsed. Yang gangsen said that the building was in an overall collapse. He said it for ten minutes without saying a word down.. Later, the newly built road was full of potholes and bumped the pigs to death. Yang gangsen said that this was the early arrival of normal wear and tear If you dont have imagination, can you make up these fantastic explanations? Can you, who are engaged in literature, compare with him?

When they heard this, they were shocked.

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