Should artists make love public? What do you think of the current situation of Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong

 Should artists make love public? What do you think of the current situation of Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong


Im actually against the publicity of all relationships, Yang said But she still respects the artists choice, as long as it is within her control. Not surprisingly, Yang Tiantian opposes the publicity of all artists love affairs quickly rushed to re search. You have your objection, but I remember that Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong naturally announced their love. Does this mean that Lu Han is very disobedient? Yes, some people think that if an artist falls in love, he is unemployed.. However, Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong did not lose their jobs. However, many fans expressed their resistance at that time.


Zhang Yuqi, once a contract artist of Yang Tiantian, also updated her personal social platform at noon: to fall in love is to be happy? If you dont kiss me in the sun, why should I die and die? Some friends just do a good job! Then, direct AIT Luhan. How to say, Zhang Yuqi is a careless woman with temperament. In this way, it should only support Lu Han. Theres something special about her, though. Whats more, its no longer Yang Tian Tians artist. Such public support for Lu Han will be misidentified and mixed with personal gratitude and resentment. I think its better not to say it.


Lu Han may be confused. What is this? When a man sits at home, the pot comes from heaven. Before the Shanghai fortress, people to him, to the flow star that is not polite verbal criticism. Not long ago, Lu Hans crossing the line of fire was talked about with relish. Suddenly, Lu Han didnt have acting skills at all. For the sake of the characters, even the dirty and ugly will not hesitate. Just been praised a few days ago, he and Guan Xiaotong open love has been so long. Is Yang Tian Tians request that I oppose the publicity of all relationships be excessive?


Is it good for artists to open their love affairs? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Open, this is respect for each other. As Zhang Yuqi said, how can those who cant see light? Theres always the feeling of sneaking in. Has Lu Han not considered this problem? After he announced his love affair, fans couldnt accept it for a while, and there were many fans who took off powder. But later, everyone wanted to. Cant this idol fall in love? How you want him to die alone. Yang also worries about fans, which is good. However, the objection is invalid.


Netizens are more reasonable: open love is Lu Hans commitment to fans, fans sincerely hope that Lu Han can be happy and happy! It has been three years since the contract was terminated. Please dont give birth to cue! Lu Han has stridden forward! Dont stand still. Yang Tianzhens I make complaints about the openness of all relationships is really a lot of Tucao. This is not unjust. As Lu Hans former agent, he did not play a public relations role. Career and love, if really can not have the best of both worlds. Then, follow your hearts choice. How to do so has the final say.


Maybe, there will be different answers from different perspectives. In short, I wish Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong the best! Yang Tiantian