Why do you feel cold?

 Why do you feel cold?

Being nice to people is the beginning of injury

Ive heard a story called the camel with an inch.

On a cold night, an Arab prepares to rest in his warm tent.

Suddenly, a camel opened the Arabs door, saying it was too cold outside, hoping that the owner would allow him to put his head into the tent to keep warm.

The good Arab couldnt bear to see the camel frozen, so he agreed to his request.

However, after a while, the camel asked for the neck, front legs and half body to reach into the tent.

The Arabs could not bear to refuse and agreed.

Some people lament that the Arabs are too kind and habitually play the role of good people and sacrifice their own interests in the end.

In fact, peoples communication is not like this. For those who can only ask for something but do not understand gratitude, the better you treat them, you will only suffer more and more losses in this unequal relationship, and finally be disappointed and cold hearted.

Because such a person will only consume your enthusiasm and hurt your heart.

As Wang Xiaobo said:

Kindness is never an easy thing. Wrong kindness will not bring paradise to others, but will drag you into hell.

Indeed, being too good to a person will give him the opportunity to hurt you. Your kindness can not be treated equally, and even become the reason why you are wantonly hurt.

In life, I would rather be selfish and love myself more than be kind without principle.

Protecting yourself is the premise of all kindness.

As the saying goes, helping others is the foundation of happiness.

To help others is a kind of virtue that benefits others and pleases oneself, which is beyond reproach.

But in this world, there will always be some people who dont know how to be grateful. The better you treat him, the more he thinks you owe him. He will never understand your difficulties and appreciate your efforts.

For such a person, if you indulge in it, you will only be used to gain more, but your patience is a kind of indulgence.

Sheng Mi en, Dou Mi Qiu must have been heard by many people.

Once upon a time, there were two families living next to each other. One of them was relatively rich, while the other was relatively poor.

One year, the continuous heavy rain led to no harvest in the field, and the poor family almost had to wait to die of starvation.

And the rich family hoarded some food, and when they saw that their neighbors were about to open their pots, they sent them a liter of rice to save them.

The poor family received rice and spent the crisis. They were very grateful to the rich family.

Later, the man of the poor family went to the rich mans house to thank him. While they were talking, the poor man complained that the seed of next year had not yet been planted. The rich man listened and generously presented a bucket of rice to the poor family.

The reality is the same, when others in distress get your help will give thanks, but if you give too much help, let the other side form dependence, once stopped, it will make people hate.

Between people, it is not that you treat him well, and he can treat you well.

The fact is that the better you treat others, the more demanding they are.

There is a line in the Godfather:

However, in the face of people who dont know how to be grateful, your good deeds are likely to bring about a bad result and a pain.

In this world, not everyone is worth your consideration and dedication.

To help others, we should also have a sense of propriety, and give kindness to people and things.

There is a point of view in the wonderful flowers

Kindness is precious, but kindness does not grow teeth, that is weakness.

I deeply believe that if you step back, there will be no way out one day.

Even their own rights and interests do not dare to protect the good, you do not suffer losses who suffer.

Kindness is a good thing, but it also needs a sharp edge.

Recently, thirty is a hit.

In the play, Gu Jia, an all-round mother, is willing to lower her posture to please her neighbor Mrs. Wang and even carry shoes for her so that her child can go to the noble kindergarten.

After her son successfully entered the kindergarten, Gu Jia made a cake for the children in order to help him integrate into the group quickly. She also said that she would listen to Muzis mother in the future.

However, when she found out that her son was taken away by Muzis mother for reasons, and she was deliberately locked in the room by other parents to ridicule and isolate her son, she was finally unable to bear it.

She left her watch and bag aside and pushed Muzis mother into the room to fight against the villains who bullied her son.

Many netizens said that seeing this section is very cathartic, Gu Jia no longer has no bottom line concession, and proves that he is a person who is not easy to provoke with his actions.

The same is true in life: being kind to others is a good thing, but the premise is not to embarrass yourself; to know how to yield is wisdom, but the other party is first and foremost an understanding person.

When your kindness is kidnapped, you should know how to show your fangs; when your forbearance only leads to more unreasonable demands, you should know how to refuse in time.

The so-called: kindness has ruler, tolerance has degree.

In addition to the good heart, we should also know how to arm the heart with armor to avoid the harm of recklessness.

Always remember: seven points for people, three points for themselves.

For anyone and anything, dont always give everything, leave three points to love yourself.

Because in this world, not all the pay have return, not all sincerity can exchange for sincerity.

Your warmth is limited, leave it to worthy people, you will not be disappointed after thoroughly cold heart.

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