Former employees of Bank of China exposed by leaders mental torture

 Former employees of Bank of China exposed by leaders mental torture

Li Mou Chen, a former employee of the bank, claimed to have been summoned to Chunshu police station of Beijing Xicheng Branch on suspicion of defamation in the early morning of the 27th, and was allowed to leave at noon that day. On the morning of August 28, the microblog account Honey Nini strange new number released details of being summoned.

On the 29th, the reporter learned from Xicheng public security bureau that at about 18:30 on August 26, 2020, Chunshu police station of Xicheng Public Security Branch received a report from employees of Xuanwu sub branch of Bank of China, saying that Li Mou Chen, a former employee of the unit, released defamation information on the Internet. After receiving the report, the police accepted the case according to law and summoned Li at about 21:00 on the same day, but he refused to cooperate. After working, at about 0:00 the next day, accompanied by his family members, he went to the police station to cooperate with the investigation, and at 12:27 he decomposed and summoned. During the period of summoning, questioning and verifying Li, the police station carried out work in accordance with the law and regulations, and did not use handcuffs on him. At present, the relevant investigation is in progress.

Previously reported:

Zhongxin Jingwei reporter interviewed Ms. Li, who said that she was summoned to Chunshu police station of Beijing Xicheng Branch on suspicion of slander in the early morning of 27th, and was allowed to leave at noon that day.

The summons certificate of Xicheng Branch provided by Li Jinchen.

Report letter lists three problems of Xuanwu sub branch

On August 26, the netizen @ sweetheart Nini strange published a real name report letter entitled a bank leader abused a female employee who had spoken for the people of crude oil treasure to mental breakdown and then dismissed her after being banned from prison. The full text was more than 7000 words long. However, the article has been deleted, and only the screenshot of the complaint letter provided to the CIRC is saved on the microblog of the party concerned.

The netizen said that her name was Li Jinchen, female, from Xicheng District, Beijing. After graduation in 2018, she worked in Xuanwu sub branch of Beijing Branch of Bank of China, and worked as a teller in August 2018 until August 6, 2020. Li Jinchen reflected three main problems in Xuanwu sub branch in his letter of report

First, director Yan Ke of Taoranting business network of Xuanwu sub branch has long harassed and oppressed the spirit.

Li Jinchen said that after joining Xuanwu sub branch in 2018 and taking turns to Taoranting Business Department of Xuanwu sub branch in 2019, in only 10 months, I collapsed due to the long-term harassment and mental abuse led by Yan Ke, leader of Taoranting branch, and suffered great physical and mental harm.

She said that director Yan Ke deleted the praise or thank-you letters from customers; repeatedly reminded him to check the locking problem of the cash cabinet, and shifted the whole responsibility to himself; since January 2020, Yan Ke started to record his own mobile phone for his personal use, and since then has changed to the monitoring of the industrys cameras. I finally broke down in a complete mental breakdown..

Li Jinchen said that after cutting the camera, he wrote a review letter and admitted the mistake to the leader of Xuanwu branch who came to investigate. On the second day of the incident, he was suspended under the instruction of the leader of Xuanwu sub branch and handed in his learning experience every day for a month.

On August 5, 2020, Xuanwu sub branch paid a basic salary of 80.7 yuan in August, and claimed that the rest was insured, Li said.

Photo source: whistleblower Li Jinchens microblog 3. Zhang Bin, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Xuanwu sub branch of Bank of China, abused his power and threatened his family members.

Li Jinchen said that Zhang Bin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xuanwu sub branch, obstructed the investigation of responsibility and threatened his family. On the eve of the voting meeting launched against the dismissal party, Zhang Bin prevented him from reflecting the truth to the Beijing Branch. A director of Security Department of Xuanwu sub branch was sent to block the door and prevent me from entering the gate of the branch. In addition, personnel from the Security Department of the branch were called in to chase and intercept them.

According to the letter, Zhang Bin held a voting meeting at 7 p.m. that night and launched a related vote on Li Jinchen. On August 17, 2020, Xuanwu sub branch asked the party concerned to sign the dismissal resolution on the grounds of deliberately destroying the camera. The leader of Xuanwu sub branch did not answer the rationality of dismissal, and Li Jinchen refused to sign.

According to the letter, on August 6, 2020, Xuanwu sub branch sent the director of the security department to block the reflection. Photo source: whistleblower Li Jinchens microblog

Li Jinchen, the party concerned, said that he had reported to the Commission for Discipline Inspection in his real name but was not accepted because BOC Beijing Branch was not under its supervision and made a statement under the advice of the staff of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.

What does the party explain as confinement

On the evening of the 27th, China new Jing Wei reporter contacted Ms. Li, who said, last night (on the evening of the 26th), I was taken away by the Xicheng Chunshu police station, and I was detained for a night across regions. Yan Ke and Zhang Bin, in the name of joint application for arrest, said that I was suspected of slander. The key is that I dont have a lie, I have a real name complaint letter. She added, Im handcuffed.

Later, Ms. Li provided a summons issued by Xicheng Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau to Zhongxin Jingwei reporter. The summons showed that Li Jinchen went to Chunshu police station of Xicheng Branch for questioning at 00:50 on August 27 for suspicion of slander, and left at 12:27 on August 27. The reporter called the Propaganda Department of Xicheng Branch Bureau for inquiry. The other party said that it was inconvenient to disclose it on the phone. It was suggested to report to the news center of the Municipal Bureau.

As of press release, the topic of Bank of China has been on the hot microblog search list. With the ferment of the incident, all walks of life continue to pay attention to it. There are still some doubts to be solved in addition to the report letter. Ms. Li explained to Zhongxin Jingwei reporter.

Why dont you choose to leave after experiencing all kinds of experiences? If I leave my job voluntarily, I will become a scapegoat . The company will not investigate the management responsibility of Yanke. The Bank of China has a regulation that if there is a problem, it can be directly traced back to the head of Xuanwu sub branch. As for the problems involved, Ms. Li acquiesced in cutting off the surveillance camera, and the rest did not explain too much.

Zhongxin Jingwei reporter noticed that the partys microblog @ sweetheart Nini strange published two pictures on the afternoon of August 26, with the text saying: my water room has been closed for three months, and there is no table for me to learn. I can only lie down and read books every day, and the sofa has been broken by me.

Ms. Li said she was expelled from Xuanwu branch of Bank of China on August 19. Before being summoned by the police, Yan Ke, the leader involved, tried to contact Ms. Li, but she was blackmailed by Ms. Li.

Lawyers statement

New longitude and latitude in the data map

According to Article 38 of the labor contract law, the employee may terminate the labor contract if the employer has one of the following circumstances, including failing to provide labor protection or working conditions in accordance with the labor contract; failing to pay labor remuneration in full and timely.

As for the surveillance behavior of director Yan Ke mentioned by the parties in the complaint letter, Zhao Zhancheng thinks that it depends on whether it is in a public place. If the camera is installed in the public office area, it will not involve the violation of personal privacy.

Is BOC aware of the information reflected in the letter? Is the content reflected in Li Jinchens complaint letter true? Are Yan Ke, Zhang Bin and others employees of Xuanwu sub branch? In the face of a series of questions, Zhongxin Jingwei reporter sent an interview outline in accordance with the requirements of Xuanwu sub branch on the afternoon of 27th, but as of the time of publication, no reply has been received.

At the same time, the reporter repeatedly called the relevant person in charge of the business department of Xuanwu sub branch of BOC Beijing branch to ask for further information. The other side only replied, we have reflected to the superior leaders, and there is nothing I can respond to. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)