After abandoning her son and daughter, she found a rich husband in the second marriage: some wives are incompetent in their marriage?

 After abandoning her son and daughter, she found a rich husband in the second marriage: some wives are incompetent in their marriage?

With the popularity of in the name of family, Chen Ting, played by Yang Tongshu, has been criticized for being on hot search.

Many netizens think that Chen Ting is more hateful than Xu Yingying.

Who is Xu Yingying? In the supreme beauty, Yang Tongshu plays a harshly cruel harem woman who does all kinds of bad things. In order to be superior, she does not hesitate to harm her intimate friends and friends.

This is obviously exaggerated, but it shows how annoying Chen Ting is from one side.

She made her first appearance with a straight face, sharp and sad eyes, as if the world owed her millions.

Every time she raised the table in anger, he always picked up the broom to clean it silently.

Every time she was so angry that she overslept, he would make instant noodles by himself and comfort his mother: I like instant noodles.

Every time she starts to blame Ling Heping, Lingxiao sits quietly in the corridor with a comic book.

However, no matter what he did, he could not calm his mothers inner anger and resentment, because she felt that all the pain was brought by the sky.

When Lingxiao was younger, she lost her job because of having a second child. She often left her two young children behind and locked the door to play mahjong with others.

However, one day, Lingxiaos sister was accidentally stuck by walnuts, because it was thunder and rain outside. No one heard how hard he knocked on the door.

By the time she came home from the game, her three-year-old daughter was already cold.

Since then, her mind has become more serious, just like an irresistible force in her heart. She has to tear herself and the people around her to pieces every minute.

However, when she was in the third year of Lingxiao senior high school, Chen Ting came back with her second marriage daughter, Xiaocheng, who was in the first grade of primary school.

The reason is that she is speechless. She feels that the family cant be separated even for half a year. So when her husband comes to China for work, she brings her daughter with her. However, she is cruel to her son.

In order to force Lingxiao to recognize this suddenly emerged sister, she forced the child to be busy preparing for the examination of him.

And she always has a reason: little orange needs brother, wait to cry, no one has a way.

As many years ago, in order to vent her inner depression, she gave her daughter, who was under 3 years old, to her son who was still in kindergarten. Accident, but will only blame why to eat walnuts for the sister, why the husband always not home.

Later, three of Chen Tings family returned to Singapore, but Lingxiaos grandmother was seriously ill. Chen ting and her current husband had a car accident on the way to the airport. Xiao oranges father died on the spot, and Chen Ting was paralyzed in bed since then. It is difficult to stand up and need a long time of rehabilitation.

Therefore, Chen Ting still used the same logic as before. After graduating from Lingxiao high school, she forced him to leave his familiar family and friends and let him go to Singapore to study and live alone. In fact, the purpose was to take care of his mother and younger sister who were paralyzed in bed.

In such a TV drama focusing on healing, Chen Ting is simply the biggest villain.

From Chen Tings point of view, I can understand her husbands hard work of working late into the night when she is alone with two children at home. I can also understand the husbands helplessness after losing her daughter. I can also understand her desire to let go of all the past and go abroad to start a new life.

Hateful is, she is completely controlled by her own emotions, but also pull everyone to follow her pain.

She doesnt understand, and she doesnt have the ability, like an adult, to control her emotions, regulate her mood, resolve her sadness, let alone take responsibility for those who need her.

She lives in her own world and hysterically asks others to care for her, understand her and help her. Even if all of them are fulfilled, she is still not satisfied, let alone grateful or reflective.

She put the meaning of her life on the control of others, constantly hurt the people around her, until finally all the lives of the people around her were mixed into a tragedy.

Therefore, she is a mother in name, but a child in essence. She is a child who needs her husband and even young children to take care of her.

This kind of Chen Ting, frankly speaking, is a self-centered person who is not mature enough. She habitually kidnaps the people around her in the name of love, and lives by sucking the kindness and love of others.

To say the least, her hateful part is also her sad place. After all, no one can deny that she has not been happy enough.


Life is rough,

But always can choose a more happy road

In contrast, as the healing responsibility of the whole play, Li Haichaos place has happiness and happiness.

From Li Haichao, we can see that a person, no matter how big or small, can become the light to light up his own life and those around him as long as he can do the following two things.

First, learn to give love.

Everyone wants to be loved and needs love, which is our innate desire.

For example, Chen Ting, who roars, pleads, complains, and flees, seeks understanding and love.

Lingxiao and Ziqius deepest pain is also unable to understand why they were abandoned by their own mother.

In the TV series, they finally reconcile with their mother, but in the real world, the abandoned children are likely to live forever.

This is largely due to the unconditional love Li Haichao gave them.

In the play, the only time he cried when he was drunk was because Ziqius second aunt asked him to put himself in a proper position and not to enjoy others good feelings with peace of mind, and because Lingxiaos grandmother scolded him for being unreasonable and slapped him with her hands.

He never beat and scold children at will, only will hold them in the palm of his hand, give them the greatest respect and tolerance.

This kind of love can cure the children who are lack of love since childhood. In fact, it can also cure the other half of the marriage.

We often like to discuss interpersonal relationship from the perspective of value exchange. We always think that everything is good must be based on real interests. However, we selectively forget that unconditional love is the most powerful link between people.

If its wrong, even love can be a good reason.

Just imagine, if Ling Heping could tolerate Chen Ting as Li Haichao did to Li Jianjian, she would not complain that it was my fault that she was unreasonable or perfunctory. Instead, she would embrace her sincerely with love in her heart and listen to her share her inner pain and struggle.

Then, Chen Ting can also be cured.

However, love incompetence is also the common fault of all unfortunate marriages. He cant do it, and Chen Ting cant take the initiative to release love. They are waiting for each other to contain and understand themselves, so they are doomed to separate.

Because do not know how to love a person, so always unconsciously in the name of love to control others or always haggling, afraid that love more will suffer losses.

What happened? Naturally, two people will be disappointed, but complain that it is difficult to love a person.

Now everyone pays attention to what they want, and takes the initiative to fight for the absolute control of life in their own hands. Why do such important things as love and happiness become so resigned to fate?

Li Haichaos life is full of small happiness and big surprise because he is always willing to give love on his own initiative.

As long as Chen Ting is willing, she can be a happy one, and so can we.

Secondly, we should try our best to play every social role.

In front of our children, we are the parents who need to support them for a long time.

Li Haichao is very clear, so after his wife died of dystocia, he kept a noodle shop by himself, with a small tip, and tried his best to give her the best love and care. He always laughed, and gently told his daughter that his mother had gone to the sea to be a fairy. After a long time, we would meet again.

Therefore, in the childrens eyes, he has always been an indomitable, warm and open-minded father. As long as he is there, he feels at ease and happy.

But Chen Ting is at a loss. She also forgets that she should be the wife who is fighting with her husband side by side to get out of the predicament.

If she can try her best to fulfill the responsibilities given by her role, the ending of the story will be rewritten.


A little observation will find that in every disharmonious family, there must be a role missing, so the family balance will be broken.

To get out of this vicious circle, everyone should seriously think about their new role orientation and try to do it well when entering each new stage of life.

In this way, every relationship will be stable, including the most difficult marriage.

The most important thing is that whether we learn to love others or try to take on our own social role, it means keeping deep links with others. This is the most powerful foundation for each of us to fight against the nihility and impermanence of the world.

But, as Hemingway said, everyone is not an island. One must be the strongest island in the world before he can be a part of the continent.

A person can get along with the world better only when he has cultivated himself well. He also has more hope that he can be relaxed and relaxed like Li Haichao and harvest real happiness and happiness.

Life is impermanent. I hope everyone can get the gift brought by every unexpected test of life, and grow up to be a stronger person in my heart. I can cure myself and others!