The sister of riding the wind and waves: 30 + women are not defined, you have unlimited possibilities!

 The sister of riding the wind and waves: 30 + women are not defined, you have unlimited possibilities!


The elder sister riding the wind and the waves will soon form a group, and the sisters, including Zhang Yuqi, will try their best to slay the audience. After the stage performance, Du Hua, the witness of the womens team, commented: Zhang Yuqi really has infinite possibilities. I hit myself in the face. I apologize to you. In fact, there is no need to apologize. Everyone really has potential. Only when we give full play to it can we see it. No play or not play well, waiting for her is to be determined but directly eliminated. Zhang Yuqi, let you see what is potential with strength!


Many netizens are worried, this wind and waves sister can really become a group? This is no longer a problem, just wait for the live broadcast of the finals. Since this womens group is not defined, there is always a core word to show its attitude. Ill leave it to you later, but 30 + is an awkward age. Although there is no big difference with 29 and 31 years old, how can it be so completely different? What does this watershed mean? 30 + is an invisible label that makes this sister completely different from other women?


Li Chun, who plays Ren Ran in actually he doesnt love you so much, was asked: sometimes I think this 30 + is a barrier for women. Do you feel a little anxious about your age? Or will you rethink yourself? She replied: first of all, I think its difficult for me to be 30 years old. Im tired of hearing about it. I dont want to listen to it any more. Do I think its necessary? How can 30 be a barrier? How long is this life. Why is it a barrier here?


Li Chun thinks: I think every stage has its own way of living. I dont need to take this thing. Im tired all the time. I feel a little disgusted. When I was 30 years old, my birthday would be like, Oh, Im 30.. Im running three again, just for a while. After that, I dont think Im 30. I feel like a girl every day. Like a child, I do what I want. If you want to be calm, read more books. Its all your own choice, and its not forced by age.


30 + women dont accept any definition. At any time, you have to live as you like. At any time, you have unlimited possibilities!