The betrayal of feelings is another starting point of life

 The betrayal of feelings is another starting point of life

On the other hand, if there is no emotional betrayal, maybe many people will be able to see the head at a glance in their life. Their life is basically unchanged, and they are step-by-step every day. On the surface, they are very stable, but in fact there is no passion, and there is no vision for the future. Every day is a stylized repetition, year after year, day after day, just waiting My own old age.

And the betrayal of feelings completely broke the peace of my life.

Most of the time, when we interpret the harm caused by betrayal, this part is actually very important. What really makes you uneasy is not the betrayal of pure feelings, but your loss of control over the status quo and uncertainty about the future.

Why do many people go to retrieve it without thinking? Its just that as long as the other party turns back, everything will be able to return to the right track, and all their uncomfortable feelings will be eliminated - however, things are not as simple as expected.

After many people betray, it is difficult to turn back; after many people betray their feelings, even if they turn back, it is difficult to repair; even if many feelings are repaired, your internal uneasiness still exists, because it is hard for you to believe that a person who has betrayed you is really responsible for your happiness and future.

Betrayal, on the other hand, is actually a kind of habit broken. In short, before betrayal, your feelings and marriage are actually a habit. This habit will make you dependent - all habits are the same. But now, Ta betrays you. This habit is broken. Of course, you are not used to it. You are not used to it. You are not used to losing your dependence. Even, you are not used to facing a TA who betrays you. Therefore, there will be estrangement and distrust between two people. It is very difficult to get along with each other.

When an old habit is broken, people are actually extremely uncomfortable. This truth is just like a person who is used to sleeping late. You force TA to get up before dawn every morning. For a period of time, this change is very hard for him to bear and full of pain.

However, it is precisely because of these real problems after betrayal that many people who have suffered betrayal begin to wake up.

The past life, like dust sealed their own, and betrayal, like a heavy hammer, smashed the dust covered in their bodies, dust may be a kind of protection, but after removing the dust, you will have the opportunity to see a brand new, glorious self.

You will reinterpret the meaning of marriage and feelings, and understand that marriage and feelings are not the protectors of happiness. The true meaning of marriage and feelings is to let yourself experience and grow.

u2014u2014In this life, if you have not experienced emotional marriage and family, then life is probably incomplete, of course, there will be regrets, and experienced, it is enough, as for the outcome is good or bad, has followed.

u2014u2014If you can meet a happy marriage and feelings, then cherish the fate; if you encounter an unfortunate marriage and feelings, then love yourself, and then through efforts, let yourself out of the bad state, no matter cherish, or get rid of adversity, in fact, is growth.

When an old habit is broken, it is the beginning of a new one.

Since others have been unable to become their own dependence, of course, we have to learn to rely on ourselves, no matter what it is, we should strive to learn to rely on ourselves. From the habit of relying on others to developing the habit of relying on oneself, this is a fundamental change.

Dependence is not chicken soup. It is supported by absolute strength. This strength includes both real economic strength and psychological strength. If you want to have these strengths, how can you do without hard work.

Why in the face of betrayal, we often say that we should be independent, we should learn to rely on ourselves, and we should try our best. All the principles focus on this. To pull a person who betrayed himself back to you, even if you really have the ability to make this person no longer betray, and be completely loyal to yourself from the past, its significance is not as good as that you can rely on yourself - this truth is like, you are faced with two choices, one is that someone will give you a sum of money every day, the other is, You can earn the same amount of money on your own every day. Which one would you choose?

Yes, fools will choose the latter, but you will find that many people may be opposite in dealing with betrayal

Therefore, in the face of emotional betrayal, as long as you are willing and through your own efforts, you can actually turn everything around and turn the bad into a good one. Maybe the ending of this relationship and marriage is bad, but in terms of your whole life, it may be a good thing.