The 16-year-old girl had 100 times of plastic surgery in 3 years: 6 times of double eyelid, 4 times of nose flower and 1 million yuan of nose flower

 The 16-year-old girl had 100 times of plastic surgery in 3 years: 6 times of double eyelid, 4 times of nose flower and 1 million yuan of nose flower

Take advantage of summer vacation to become a living person.

It has become a tacit fact after 00 or even after 10. Not long ago, the old mothers who sent their children to many cram schools in summer vacation did not expect that another competition had begun quietly.

This is not true. On the day of the end of the college entrance examination, a girl who was born after 00 went to Guangzhou directly. Accompanied by her parents, she took the first step of changing her fate.

Double eyelid, blepharoptosis correction, costochondral nose comprehensive plastic surgery, chin augmentation, autologous fat filling face

For these projects, which cost more than 100000 yuan, the girls parents all pay for her straightforward credit card.

If you want your children to stay at home during the holidays and not run around, take them to have their eyelids cut.

If you cant be a school bully, you should be a school flower.

Such slogans can be found everywhere among parents, and the values behind them are self-evident.

There are 32 students in our class. Almost all the girls who used to be single eyelids have cut their double eyelids. A few boys have also cut their eyelids. Now, there are only seven or eight people in our class with single eyelids.

The hottest double eyelid surgery must be ordered one year in advance.

The price of surgery is more and more expensive, and the risk of surgery under mass production is also higher and higher. Even if it is so tiring, parents and children are still flocking to it.

Although I understand that children are precocious, I still feel a little shocked when I see this sentence spoken by a 10-year-old girl

Just be beautiful anyway.

Now everyone who doesnt like beautiful things likes to look good.

Obviously, it is seven minutes of destiny, three points depends on hard work, but I dont know when it became the remaining 90 points to see the beauty?

A mother who took her daughter to cosmetic surgery in primary school said with pride:

It was really decisive in her life.

It seems that without big eyes, small nose and small mouth, life is always inferior to others.

How many parents have facial anxiety

Its the children who pay the bill

Do you know little znana?

6 double eyelids

Nose 4 times

One full face grinding

In contrast, she is clearly not human, but she feels that she has changed her fate and reached the peak of her life by cosmetic surgery

At the age of 16, many people suffer from the beauty and body that many people dont have at 26.

Some netizens questioned why a 13-year-old child would think of cosmetic surgery? How can I get money for cosmetic surgery?

Its from my own family, she said without concealment

Even Po put out a picture of her mother, saying that she had not inherited her mothers beauty, so she was taken by her mother for cosmetic surgery. The money was paid by her mother, and the words were also signed by her mother.

It is estimated that her mother did not expect that now her daughter has become the appearance of no one, no ghost or ghost.

Want to repair the lips, but was warned by the doctor that the number of plastic surgery is too many, proliferation is serious, has been difficult to repair.

Originally intended to study in Britain, she had to leave school at home because of her poor health.

Cosmetic surgery really changed her life, but it didnt go to the top as she thought.


The cost of cosmetic surgery

Not everyone can afford it

As early as 2012, 96853 plastic accidents were recorded worldwide.

In China, 56000 people go to South Korea for cosmetic surgery a year, and the failure rate has soared by 15%. In just ten years, 200000 faces have been destroyed.

Korean star Han Huijing, originally had a beautiful appearance, in order to be popular, she began to be infatuated with plastic surgery, but did not take a road of no return.

In the early days, he turned to black doctors for injection of illegal silica gel. Later, he became addicted to plastic surgery and bought silicone injection on the black market.

Early plastic surgery

After disfigurement

The contrast between a beautiful woman in the past and the appalling appearance after disfigurement makes people feel deeply sorry.

Aunt fan is a typical group of disfigurement, but not the only one.

In the program of social development, there is a girl named Yu Ying who has lost the ability to move.

And all this is because of plastic surgery.

Due to cerebral hemorrhage and lack of oxygen during the operation, she developed epilepsy and lost the ability to move forever.

Every day to take more than 30 pills, once missed dozens of grams, she will convulsion.

Because of the failure of plastic surgery, she lost the ability to speak, so her mother had to hold her hand all day and night to stay by the bedside to prevent her daughter from sudden epilepsy.

However, what is more sad is that in the face of cosmetic accident, to save life, has been considered lucky.

Mingming has the professional experience of a regular hospital and understands the importance of the operating environment and the surgeon, but she still chooses the black workshop.

When the family saw Yangs body, her nose and eyes were covered with blood and her head was covered with needle eyes. What was the cause of her death? The doctor who operated on her may not know.

Only one of the participants in the operation was a surgeon, previously a gynecology and obstetrics major.


All tragedies

They are all victims of the chain of interest.

In the face of interests, some people have long been red eyed.

After reading a secret interview, the reporter visited a plastic surgery training school for learning.

As soon as I entered the door, the staff began to publicize the course for journalists. The eyelids only took three days and the fillings only took four days.

I still dont forget to introduce excellent cases: this industry has low cost and huge profit margin. One of my students earned more than 60000 yuan after only three days of learning.

However, when the reporter asked about the difficulty of sewing, the staff said, as long as you can make clothes and sew clothes, as long as you can take the needle, we will teach you how to sew.

As if in their eyes, the face is not flesh and blood and fragile nerves, is a piece of cloth without any life.

How to practice filling?

If you buy a chicken leg and inject it for five days, you can become an experienced micro plastic expert.

In the past, people were only secretly seeking money;

Nowadays, people who seek money are just killing people.

Its not a mistake to pursue beauty, but before that, please consider whether you have the ability to take risks.

This is the schematic diagram of the process of cosmetic surgery. Imagine how bloody it is in reality.


There is also the common way to cut the cheek and grind the bone in medical advertisements. They will only tell you that you have to change from a generous face to a melon seed face, but they have not told you how many bones to grind.

So, from the moment you step into the operating room, youve gambled on your life.

After winning the bet, no one can guarantee that the latter half of his life can be relaxed;


More important than cosmetic surgery is the whole heart

However, we are not totally against cosmetic surgery, only against opportunistic, shortcut and cosmetic surgery.

Not long ago, a photo of a certificate was popular.

Hongqius attending doctor said that when she first saw hongqiu, she hid in the corner of the elevator with her head down, her hair scattered on her face, and she hardly dared to look at people.

During the preoperative communication, hongqius tears fell without saying a few words.

Over the years, she has been tortured not only by her deformed appearance, but also by her finger pointing for more than ten years.

After the operation was successful, several online celebrities invited her, but she declined one by one

After the operation, I did have more choices, but I often remind myself not to forget my original dream of being a teacher.

In order to make the beauty of appearance match the beauty of soul.

It is undeniable that in this era, the face is indeed very important, but good-looking is not the only competitiveness.

In talking to strangers, there is a girl who took 15 years and spent nearly 4 million to become a standard beauty.

After the program was launched, her mobile phone exploded, and more than 80 friends in wechat sent her a message:

Four million plastic surgery women in the news, are you?

I thought that she would receive attack and abuse from netizens. However, compared with her delicate face, netizens paid more attention to her outspoken attitude, clear logic and courage to be responsible for her own life.

After seeing these comments, Wu Xiaochen said that it really overturned her sense of superiority over her appearance for so many years. Strangers began to like her because of her personality rather than her appearance.

I care about appearance, Ive got used to it, and Ive never heard it - someone else has put my appearance aside to discuss my character.

Beauty by beauty, just to open a window for you, not to open a road for you.

We start to prepare for live broadcast at 6:00 p.m. and then broadcast it in the morning. Then we resume and select products. We only get off work at 10:00 a.m. and only sleep four hours a day.

Its not her face that makes Viva stand out from the thousands of beautiful anchors, but her hard work, just like she said:

In fact, its not the most important thing for a woman to be beautiful, but to be able to bear hardships.

Li Ziqi was able to break through the encirclement on youtube and gain 11.9 million fans. He did not rely on exquisite makeup, but polished his works again and again

Im stubborn, neurotic, and can bear hardships.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }We do not criticize cosmetic surgery itself. Instead, they want to alert those who are kidnapped by beauty and naively believe that if they have beauty, they can change their lives against heaven, and they can book themselves a full of sugar for the rest of their lives. Time is like a wave of sand, beauty may make you taste sweet for a short time, but the only thing that can really stay is heavy gold. Good looking leather bags are the same, and interesting souls are few. Compared with cosmetic surgery, more important is the whole heart. Source of this article: Yang Qiang, responsible editor of eight trigrams of Yi Group_ NN6027

Instead, they want to alert those who are kidnapped by beauty and naively believe that if they have beauty, they can change their lives against heaven, and they can book themselves a full of sugar for the rest of their lives.

Good looking leather bags are the same, and interesting souls are few.

Compared with cosmetic surgery, more important is the whole heart.