590000 people on campus! Six grades of primary and secondary schools in Beijing open today

 590000 people on campus! Six grades of primary and secondary schools in Beijing open today

Because of the epidemic prevention and control, many primary schools have not held a meeting for freshmen. On the first day of the new term, teachers will wait at the school gate to welcome Xiaodou Bao.

Today, the teachers of Chongwen primary school will not only welcome the freshmen at the school gate, but also hold the childrens hands to teach them to know the one meter line and thermometer gate, visit the campus, and then send the children to the teaching class. Bean bags will also receive the new semester gift, take over the balloon from the teacher, fly the dream. In addition, it is the schools tradition that senior students wear the school badge and entrance badge for freshmen. This year, because other grades have not yet started school, and the need for epidemic prevention and control, teachers will issue commemorative cards to children.

According to the requirements, teachers and students in primary and secondary schools still need to wear masks when the new semester begins. Although we need to wear masks, we will also find opportunities to meet our children. Zhang Shan, the first grade Chinese teacher of black sesame Hutong primary school, is designing how to let children know themselves. She said that not only teachers and students, but also students should know each other. In the process of teaching students how to correctly wear masks and when to take them off, my children and I can show our true faces and know each other. Im also going to design some interactive games so that we can quickly remember each other. Zhang Shan said.

Chuiyangliu Central Primary School in Chaoyang District has brought campus shopping into freshmen education. Zheng Danna, Secretary of the general Party branch of the school, said that a meeting between teachers and students would be held for freshmen. Teachers would take their children around the campus to familiarize themselves with the environment and take them to activities to recover their physical fitness. The primary school students of taowa school will be given a campus passport to familiarize themselves with the knowledge of epidemic prevention on different occasions in the process of punch in the campus. Changping No.2 experimental primary school invited the children to find their favorite campus scenery and take photos.

In the new semester, 300 new senior three students of Guangqumen middle school moved from the school headquarters to the third grade campus of senior high school. The whole process is a breakthrough , which requires students to move. For example, Xing Ying, vice president of the school, points out that the link of reciprocity is actually an interesting table tennis match; to go forward bravely requires students who have not been seen for a long time to cooperate in relay running Teachers carefully designed a link, looking forward to students back to school can find happiness, body and mind happily into the tension of the third grade exam. Our Chinese teacher came here in Hanfu. Its really a sense of substitution in the library. The tension of the first time back on campus disappeared One student said he was still holding the green plants he had just won from the game.

Longyue Experimental Middle School of Beijing No.11 school has built its campus into a town of the future, inviting new students to punch in on campus in combination with the upcoming class. Each subject classroom has been carefully arranged, and students take exclusive timetable to get to know the campus and teachers in advance. The teacher of the school said that the purpose of Freshmen Education in the activity is to help students adapt to the new semester in a better state.

There will be no new lessons in the first three days of the new term

Zhu Sha enlightens and enlightens people; organizes Reunion activities for all grades; listens to the front-line staff of anti epidemic to share their experiences Three days of freshmen education, almost no school arranged for new classes. Wang Fang, director of Haidian Districts Education Committee, made it clear when inspecting the various school preparations on campus that freshmen should not teach new courses at the stage of education, but should let students adapt to the collective life.

Some schools have issued a series of research plans for the new semester to be claimed by students. For example, Beijing 101 Middle School released a list of tutors through wechat, and professors from the school of biology of China Agricultural University gave lectures on walking into the world of viruses and immune systems and how plants can see light. Students choose topics according to their interests to form groups. They are expected to enter national laboratories and participate in cutting-edge life science research projects in the new semester.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of education, in the new semester, primary and secondary schools should make teaching plans according to different grades, classes and disciplines. Lu Yugang, director of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, said that in the new semester, on the basis of accurate analysis of the learning situation, especially according to the actual situation of students in the spring semester, scientific and reasonable teaching schedule should be arranged, the national curriculum plan and curriculum standards should be conscientiously implemented, and the national prescribed courses should be fully opened. According to the requirements of the national curriculum plan and curriculum standards, primary school freshmen should adhere to the zero starting point teaching, actively explore the reasonable setting of transitional courses, and pay attention to the connection between young and primary schools, so that the new students can adapt to the school life smoothly.

The remaining six grades start in two groups

On September 7, the second, third and fourth grades of primary schools in the city opened, involving about 520000 students.

The first batch of primary and secondary school students in Beijing open