Shenzhen metro safety officers touch and smell female passengers hair

 Shenzhen metro safety officers touch and smell female passengers hair

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A gray haired uncle got out of the car while people were changing places and tried to squeeze close to me. I wonder what happened. You still commit crimes in gangs

I didnt think about it. He took out his ID card and a police badge flashed in front of my eyes: we have seen what happened just now. Do you call the police?

I spit out firmly: report!

Then there was a loud arrest! Cut through the muddy air in the carriage


Yesterday (27th) morning, a netizen shared his own experience and got nearly 40000 forwarding and 140000 likes.

In the long articles on Weibo, there are girls anger and entanglement when they are ruthlessly touched by strange men on the subway, accidents when police uncles fall from the sky, police sisters give yogurt to drink, and stay in the police canteen to eat cold noodles. There is also the joy of touching people and detaining them for 10 days by illegal elements!

It is worth noting that this is not a simple chance encounter. The observer network interviewed the girl involved and the Beijing police who are carrying out the wolf hunting operation and learned more details.

Photo from microblog user @ Wu Weida

Wang Zhouzhi: touch someone and detain him for 10 days!

On the 26th, the incident of kicking and injuring obscene male students to be released from prison was posted on Weibo hot search. On the morning of the same day, netizen @ Wu Weida, as a fresh victim of indecent assault, described the accident she had encountered the day before, and netizens cried out refreshing.

At the Jintai Road subway station in the morning peak, I was pushed into the carriage like a duckweed in the 29 door of line 14 train. In fact, this is something that I experience every day.

But today there is a little different, I feel that my ass has been touched hard! But because there were so many people, all I could do at that time was just to turn around and have a look at which grandson it was. Then in the chaos and suffocation of the crowd quickly find a place to stand, and then think about how to scold the big silly x who molested me.

I struggled to hold the iron bar next to my seat, turned and glared at my grandson, but he kept avoiding my eyes, and we were separated by a man. Although I extremely want to abuse him, but this situation makes me a little tangled, I am scolding or not.

The next plot should be that I just bend all the way, get off at the subway station, this thing will pass, I will swallow a fly. Because after all, the bus is almost to the Jiangtai (station), and I got off at two stops.

But if thats all, is the story worth telling?

Never thought, he took out the certificate, a police badge in front of my eyes blooming light. After he identified himself with me, he said to me, we have seen what happened just now. Do you call the police? I firmly spit out: report ah! Then there was a loud arrest! Cut through the muddy air in the carriage.

Like a dream, I followed them on a long journey back to the police station to take notes. The whole process is happy and peaceful, talking and laughing with police uncles??? Another police sister has been taking good care of me, saying that I look like her cousin. She also showed me the photos, brought me water and yogurt. By the way, I had lunch in their canteen. Let alone, the cold noodles in their canteen are really delicious!

Photo from microblog user @ Wu Weida

(and later I learned that the obscene man even married, such a person, there is a daughter-in-law

Im a lucky one, because I happened to be in plain clothes at the time of the crime. But it happens every day, and its not the first time Ive met it. However, in most cases, because of the difficulty in obtaining evidence and the unwillingness of many female victims to speak up, very few people have been arrested. But its so disgusting and hateful!!

This morning, the police gave me feedback that my grandson had been detained for 10 days and had been sent to the detention center.

At last, the bad guys were severely punished by law, and netizens praised the peoples police while they thought it was shuangwen Yiyi.

Subsequently, the observer network verified the authenticity of the post to the public transport corps of Beijing Public Security Bureau.

It is worth mentioning that the girl in question uploaded a certificate issued by the public welfare Xiqiao station police station, explaining the reason why she did not arrive on time, and expressed her gratitude for her active cooperation with the public security organs.

Picture from @ Wu Weida

Beijing Public Security Bureau public transport security branch official microblog @ Beijing public transport police also said, girls, please rest assured, hunters have been there.

At the same time, the observer network contacted the netizen @ Wu Weida, who told about the experience. She learned that the incident happened in the morning peak, when she was on her way to work.

More importantly, echoing the message from the Beijing police, the girl revealed that it was the bus Corps that was carrying out a special operation: they have a special team that patrol the subway every day.. There were two plainclothes policemen in the carriage.

In fact, before I was molested, plain clothes had noticed that the person was looking at me in the wrong way, so they focused on it. The girl said. After the police uncle handcuffed the lawbreakers, @ Wu Weida also followed them to the police station of Xiqiao station, where the police force is located, to assist in handling the case.

In addition to the details described in the long article, the girl also stressed to the observer network that during the whole process, they were very friendly and took good care of me, and lunch was also shared with them in the police canteen.

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Shenzhen Metro responds to safety officers smell female passengers hair