General secretary and poor households discuss ways to get rid of poverty

 General secretary and poor households discuss ways to get rid of poverty

In October 23, 2018, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Lian Zhang village, Lianjiang Kou Town, Yingde City, Guangdong, to visit poor people and discuss the plan to get rid of poverty. The general secretarys sentence if the villagers dont get rid of poverty, I cant put my heart down for a day, which moved all the people present.

I didnt expect that the general secretary would come into our poverty alleviation workshop

In front of the public service station of Lianzhang village, the general secretary stopped to inquire. The general secretary nodded his approval when he heard that the village helped poor families due to illness through medical insurance and serious illness relief.

The general secretary asked Zhang xuefan how big the village was, and he replied, the farthest natural village is 8 kilometers away from the village. Your village is very big. Said the general secretary.

In May 2016, Zhang xuefan invited her to Lianzhang village to help the poor. He spent two months in every corner of the village - there were 55 poor families and 137 people in the village. Most of them were poor because of illness, school and disability. Many people wanted to get rich but had no way out

If you want to be rich, build roads first. Zhang xuefan and the poverty alleviation working group first replaced all the mud roads in the village with cement roads. In October 2017, the street lamps were turned on for the first time in this poor and remote mountain village.

With the improvement of infrastructure, Zhang xuefan focused on poverty alleviation through industry.

Li Caijun, a villager, was unable to do heavy work and had no other income because of his health. Under the mobilization of Zhang xuefan, she entered the factory for more than one year, and her family had a deposit of 20000 yuan. She also renovated her new house in 2018.

I didnt expect that the general secretary would come to our village and enter our poverty alleviation workshop. The general secretary asked me when I would enter the factory and how much I would earn. The factory was not far away from home! The general secretary is very approachable and very concerned about our farmers. Li Caijun said.

Li Caijun, Lu Yihe, Lu Guoxiang, Lu Zhibiao In 2016, Lianzhang village lifted 21 households and 25 people out of poverty; in 2017, 26 households and 86 people were lifted out of poverty; in 2018, the per capita disposable income of the remaining 8 households and 26 people also reached 15556 yuan. So far, all 55 poor households in the village have been lifted out of poverty.

The general secretary mentioned me in his new years message

The general secretary mentioned me in his new years message. Im sorry for not doing well. Lu Yihe contracted 3 mu of land in the vegetable base, signed a labor contract for the ganoderma Park, planted some bamboo shoots and sold local agricultural products. In 2019, his family income exceeded 100000 yuan. If the industry is booming, you can make money at home. Lu Yihe became a famous rich expert.

Industrial poverty alleviation is the most direct and effective way, and it is also a long-term plan to enhance the hematopoietic function of poor areas and help the masses get employment on the spot. We should strengthen the planning of industrial poverty alleviation projects, guide and promote more industrial projects to settle in poverty-stricken areas. Bearing in mind the general secretarys instructions during the inspection in Lianzhang village, Zhang xuefan and the village cadres went on a multi-faceted journey, and the industrial poverty alleviation projects were successively implemented in the village.

Walking into Lianzhang village, rows and rows of modern vegetable greenhouses are particularly eye-catching. At present, Lianzhang village modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park has been completed; high quality fruit seedling breeding base, sightseeing and leisure fruit base, agricultural products processing plant and other projects are under construction; more than 500 farmers participate in 1500 mu kumquat fruit planting projects. Dividend income, rent income, labor income There are more channels for poor households to increase their income.

What makes Zhang xuefan feel gratified is that villagers ideas have also changed quietly. In the past, some people always thought that they were poor families, so they had to rely on others seriously. Now they have made money through working and contracting greenhouses. They have both a sense of gain and a sense of achievement. Their enthusiasm for learning planting knowledge and vocational skills and participating in the construction and development of the village has been significantly improved. Under the promotion of Zhang xuefan and village cadres, the village held a precision poverty alleviation skills training course, and Lu Yihe got the electrician certificate.

In my home that day, the general secretary took my hand and asked cordially how the current policy was, when the house was built, and how the family income was. I told the general secretary that with the help of precision, great changes have taken place in my family. The income is higher year by year and the life is better every year. I sincerely thank the party for its good policies. Lu Yihes emotional memories.

The general secretarys words are grounded, intimate and warm, and have been encouraging the villagers to work hard for a better life. Zhang xuefan said.

Sweet potatoes in the village have become a hot commodity

That day, the general secretary told us in front of the sweet potato field in our village that it was good food, delicious and easy to carry. Zhang xuefan said.

The general secretarys words inspired village cadres. Special purchases for the Spring Festival were held in January 2019. Lu Feihong, a secretary of the general Party branch of the village Party and the news officer of the village, took the sweet potato with him. He participated in the love affair festival of the rural press officer in Qingyuan, Guangdong. With the help of the fast service video, Kwai potatoes sold 2000 pounds on the Internet for 1 hours, and later, more loving enterprises ordered 20 thousand jin. In less than three days, Lianzhang village sold out of sweet potatoes.

Even if the camphor sweet potato is on fire, the villagers minds are more active.

At a meeting of the party and the masses in the village, some poor households suggested that there were 43000 mu of forest land in the village, and the development of the economy under the forest would certainly generate income. Zhang xuefan and Lu Feihong decided to integrate the collective forest of villagers groups, introduce enterprises to plant Ganoderma lucidum, and plan to build a smart farm to develop experiential tourism.

The general secretary pointed out that we should adhere to dialectical thinking, change our concepts, strive to turn the short board into a potential board, give full play to the ecological advantages of eastern and northwestern Guangdong, constantly expand the development space and enhance the development potential.

The general secretary said that our party is a party that serves the people wholeheartedly, and all the work of the party is to solve the difficulties and seek happiness for the people. The general secretary stressed that we should work one generation after another, not only to speed up poverty alleviation and prosperity, but also to promote the overall revitalization and modernization of rural areas. He hopes that the villagers will live a more and more happy life. Zhang xuefan always kept these words in mind. After he left office as the first Secretary of Lianzhang village, he still actively engaged in poverty alleviation and contributed to poverty alleviation in northern Guangdong.