Trump: I want to see a female president in the United States shouting: Ivanka!

 Trump: I want to see a female president in the United States shouting: Ivanka!

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[] the United States, which is best at accusing other countries of military interference in politics, is now embarrassed: before voting, trump has already questioned the election results and assumed an attitude of not accepting defeat. The Democratic Party hopes that the U.S. military can act as arbitration to ensure that trump will not rely on the White House after his defeat.

However, the U.S. military is not willing to bear the name of violating political neutrality. General mark Miley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, recently told the U.S. Congress that the military will not play any role in the election process and will not mediate any possible disputes.

General mark Miley, the top U.S. military officer, said the military would not mediate disputes arising from the November election

The Pentagon revealed earlier this month that the U.S. Constitution does not empower the military to arbitrate political or electoral disputes.. In his letter, Miley, who represents the highest rank of the U.S. military, repeated the Pentagons consistent political neutrality.

Slotkin and Cheryl revealed that Trumps recent series of remarks and his attempt to mobilize the army to suppress street protests have made them more worried. Questions were also sent to US Defense Secretary esper, but no reply had been received from him as of Thursday.

The top general says the military will not play any role in the presidential election

I have to see. No, Im not just saying OK, Im not going to admit defeat, and I didnt do it last time (in the 2016 election)

Trump hinted that he would not accept losing the election due to election fraud

Since the black Freud case at the end of May, the anti racial discrimination riots in the United States continue. During this period, Trumps threat to use the rebellion act to mobilize the army caused great controversy. In July, federal law enforcement officers were photographed in Portland to openly kidnap protestors, described as trump private forces..

As a result, American media have begun to imagine the doomsday scenario that may occur after the election: delay in mailing votes, states questioning the results of ticket checks, Trumps refusal to admit defeat, his fanatical supporters and military police armed with guns to defend the White House, and armed conflict with Biden supporters

In the face of such a situation, the Democratic Party has also repeatedly called out to let loose the wind, which revealed the expectation that the US military could come forward to arbitration, but the result failed to achieve the desired goal.

On June 11, Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, publicly said that if trump lost the election and refused to leave, then I fully believe that the army will escort him out of the White House. Bidens campaign chairman also added, I believe that military generals will ensure a peaceful transition of power.

On August 11, two retired U.S. military officers publicly announced in their article that Miley: if trump refuses to leave office at the end of his constitutional term, you must issue an order of force expulsion to the army.

At the beginning of June this year, during the climax of anti racial discrimination riots in the United States, Miley was criticized for accompanying trump out of the White House to take photos after the military and police cleared the scene. He later regretted the move in a speech at the National Defense University and stressed once again that the US military must abide by the principle of political neutrality.

In an open letter Friday, two representatives asked Miley whether the military would comply with Trumps transfer orders based on political interests rather than national security. He replied, I will not obey an illegal order.

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Trump talks about female president and calls Ivanka