Girls these three habits, is the most annoying, if you have to change as soon as possible

 Girls these three habits, is the most annoying, if you have to change as soon as possible

Some people say that before the age of 30, people are enjoying the fortune accumulated in their previous life. After the age of 30, they have to rely on what they do in this world to accumulate their fortune.

Therefore, philosophers often tell us that people should learn to reflect on themselves against the mirror of the soul, so as to keep themselves awake, not to do nothing for the sake of goodness, not to deceive, and to seek inner peace.

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And I believe that everything we do has a cause and a result.

Maybe fate has wronged you, but in the future, it will make up for you in other places, less than insufficient, more burden. A persons happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.

Especially some girls, especially love to show off, just want to tell others, you have a little more than they have, and then what can be done?

As Yi Shu said:

A real lady with temperament never shows off what she has. She doesnt tell people what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has bought and what jewelry she has bought, because she has no sense of inferiority.

Next, we will make an analysis of the common bad habits of women, and at the same time encourage ourselves.


Its human nature to love gossip. Its beyond reproach. Its disgusting to spread lies and exaggerate facts.

I have a female colleague, nicknamed Xiao Bo, who is nearly 40 years old. She is still very interested in other peoples private affairs. She is a bit of a fuss, and the custodian knows all about it.

Once, a new girl took an uncle to the street. She was very intimate. She was seen by the female colleague. So the whole company was telling that the little girl had been wrapped up. She said that she had a nose and eyes, and took photos.

But in fact, the uncle was just the little girls uncle, so the little girl was so angry that she slapped her face and resigned.

Its immoral to hurt others and yourself.


Girls should know how to clean themselves up. This is the truth we have learned since childhood. But when we grow up, many people forget it.

Some single or even married women like to be provocative, but they dont take their feelings seriously, so that the relationship remains at an ambiguous level, and take advantage of their own charm.

For example, when the companys group building went on an outing, a sister picked up a male colleague and secretly went out to do a little errand. It was obvious that everyone came out to play together, but they acted alone and did not respect discipline.

Whats more, people who have family in their 40s, who talk in a whine way, make peoples scalp numb, and dont mind what occasion, they just act coquettish.

So the companys colleagues, also hate her, but she always feel good about herself. Later, her husband heard about some rumors and went to the company directly.

Womens attitude towards feelings is actually the attitude of others towards you. You dont think its too much to do, which is harmless. But in fact, other people just play with you and never respect you in their hearts.

Many also proved that good at playing ambiguous women, the ultimate injury is their own.


Every one of us is sensitive, especially when we touch the bottom line. But some girls are always too sensitive, that is, glass heart, such a girl, it is difficult to get along with.

For example, if you make a joke casually, she will feel as if she is aiming at her, and then lose her temper for no reason and make a mess of the atmosphere.

I remember once, two female colleagues bumped into each others shirts and wore the same clothes. Then they joked about who looked better. Unexpectedly, one of them cried angrily and asked for leave to change clothes, which made everyone very embarrassed.

Glass heart of the girl can not say, but also some neurotic, they may not feel how, but it is very annoying.

Peoples behavior, in fact, directly reflects the heart, what kind of person you are, are hidden in your usual details. So we should learn to cultivate ourselves and become a popular person.